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Disappointing Gigs response and few Buyers Requests

I am a new seller and I have made two Gigs, but they have won me no order so far. I have tried improving my Gigs, but this has not even improved the views and impressions.
Another major issues is that very few Buyers’ Request show up on my account.

Is there anyone out there who could offer any real help, instead of mere sharing their knowledge about improving Gigs and marketing them on social media?

What kind of “real help” are you looking for?

You are asking the most popular question, which is asked at least 5 times a day. If there would’ve been an easy formula we wouldn’t have been getting all this questions every day.

I see you have only 3 min read time on the forum and 16 topics viewed, so I might want to research for a bit longer to find your answers than 3 min.

Or if you want someone to look at your gigs and give you some tips where you can improve them then you can create a topic in “improve my gig” category with a link to your gig.

I guess, you know well there are several groups on Facebook also where Fiverr members share their problems, and seek tips and solutions. This explains my complaining without spending much time here on the forum.
I appreciate your suggestion about getting tips about improving my gigs through the relevant category. Regards!