DISAPPOINTMENT created by some buyers


Praying pardon at first if you get bored seeing my post on your screen as it’s gonna be my first post on Fiverr Forum.

There are some buyers(certainly not all) who love to chat with the sellers rather than making their order. You say, that’s a good thing to think about. I know it’s needed to build a warm relationship with the buyers but when you frequently get just a warm chatting related their order, you love it surely. At the eleventh hour, assuring that he/she gonna make your gig order but that doesn’t happen at all. It has not happened with me for once but couple or even triple times. As a new seller, I got amused getting the buyers message and chat them eagerly to have their order on my gig. But when my expectation doesn’t go in real, it really dishearten me. I can’t find out any reason why a buyer discussing all about their order, finally escape! Ha ha ha. Guys, have you too faced such types of worse moments? Than, how you feel when it happens to you?


We’ve all gone through that many times :slight_smile: I, myself, had to talk 5 hours to a buyer, I was convinced they will buy my gig and even managed to upsell it, yet all I got was a final “Thank you!” and that was it…

I think some buyers are lonely at home, having nobody to talk with, so why not have a friendly chat with someone. Just guessing though… or maybe they want to spy on your workflow/process, that happened to me many times :wink:

Anyway, after such scenarios, I decided to stop after 5-10 min. of conversations and politely tell them that if we couldn’t get to an agreement in that timeframe there’s probably a communication barrier between us and I ask them to find someone else to help because I can’t help them.


Until they buy something from you, they’re not buyers - they’re tyre kickers, possibly checking you out to see if you’ll give free ‘samples’.

Maybe they’re lonely and looking for a penpal?

Although it’s great to be warm and welcoming, make it clear when the time is right that they need to order from you.


Great advises above, and now let me give you the technical one.

The only issue with being non-responsive to a client’s message would be taking a hit on your “RESPONSE RATE”.

However, your response rate is only calculated from your FIRST response to the initial Buyer’s message.

So don’t be forced to continue any conversation if you feel the fuse has been lit and the result is null still.

You can stop responding, and many a times, buyers who are not REAL will simply stop messaging you after a while.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


@djgodknows, is it really the response rate is counted only for the reply of any buyers of his/her first message? It would be great trick for me if this really is! May be, I ain’t gonna waste my time anymore chatting with such buyers! Thanks for your nice trick and according to @Woofy31, I too will maintain a timeframe to limit them. Oh ya!


Just you have to send them clear messages about your services and ask them to order. I face this problem with many buyers in my gig of translation from English to Arabic. A lot of them send me a short text to test me. They say your translation is professional and they don’t order. In other words, there are some scammers here. They will not success at all… Because the text is considered his work not a test and s/he got the service for free. So s/he doesn’t need to order… But s/he won’t success…Be patient and best of luck.




Thank you very much @djgodknows for sharing a valuable piece of info. Take love brother from my core of heart.


Finally, the report button is considered a response and I don’t have to un-report and send a dummy message to all spammy users!


Welcome to Fiverr! All sellers, but especially new sellers, will find potential clients contact you before buying. The reason is - you do not have the reviews built up yet to prove your services. So they write to see how you respond - or in some cases IF you will respond. This is a GOOD sign and a chance to capture work. I captured a lot of work up front by using the phone App… this alerts you to messages immediately - a fast response often helps close the deal. Some clients require a lot of chit chat - I respond to this to a point and then move to close the deal - if you would like thus and such you can place an order etc. In the end they need to know you are here to close deals not chit chat - and a good sales man knows to eventually ask for the sale. I find that once I ask for the sale the buyer either buys or stops writing. Either way - it allows you to focus on business!!


You have to set a boundary that if it goes past so many messages from them you stop and start to ignore them. Pick a number of messages each can send before you start to ignore them.


I get 3 kinds of “chat” messages:

  • those from my existing customers who wish to see how I am doing and/or offer me their updates on the issues we’ve been discussing and/or seek for some casual advice
  • those from users who misinterpret my skype video psychic reading sessions and send me an inquiry to…video chat with them
  • those from “prospects” who pretend to be interested in my services then ask for deliverable samples to “see” what the service is like or what the delivery is like etc

To the first ones, I always answer promptly, as I myself encourage my clients to reach out to me at all times even for a casual “hi”.

To the second inquiries, I play it dummy and say how grateful I am for them reaching out to me and that yes, I am available to do a video session with them (highlighting in my message that it is a psychic and cartomancy session), letting them know that my price is around $80 and asking if they have additional questions prior to placing an order. They either never respond or say I’m too expensive. lol

To the third ones, where it is profound that they want to get a glimpse of my deliverables in order to copy my service, I politely let them know that I cannot share deliverables as no client ever granted me allowance to publicly share their order content and prompt them to purchase a gig to see for themselves. More often than ever, I never hear back from them :wink:

I only report messages that are offensive, spammy or inappropriate, to the rest, I give the benefit of doubt as there are slim chances they are really interested in one of my services and I might have misunderstood them.


Many buyers inbox me and ask me so many questions about how fast i can deliver and what software i am using and what file formats i am providing etc…

After clarifying all the questions suddenly the buyer will disappear. this is what happened to me many times in my 6 years fiverr experience.


Sounds like competition / spies :spy: