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Disappointment- Not getting any orders


This is Ayesha Shafique, working as a Senior Data Scientist for last 3 yrs. There is been 2 months, i haven’t gotten any orders. Kindly help mein getting orders in the field of AI/ML or deep learnning.

This is my cover letter.


An energetic Data Scientist, executing Data-Driven solutions to deliver valuable insights via Data Analytics and Machine Learning methods. Passionate about building models to solve real-world business challenges.

Tools & Technologies:

Programming languages : Python, Java, R, SQL
Web Programming : Html, CSS, NodeJS, JavaScript, Typescript
Frameworks And Libraries : Keras, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, MNE, Numpy, SciPy, Pandas
Data Visualization : Seaborn, Matplotlib,plotly, SHAP
Databases : MongoDB, MySQL, NO SQL, Oracle
Version Controlling : Git, SVN
Deployment and Cloud : MS Azure, IBM Watson, Oracle IoT
Neural Nets & Deep Learning : Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Nets, Recurrent Neural Network,
Long Short Term Memory Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Transfer Learning
Machine Learning : Logistic Regression, Decision trees, XGboost, Random forest, AdaBoost, Support Vector
Machine, Linear Regression, KNN, Naïve Bayes, K-means
Clustering algorithms, ARIMA and Prophet time series Model, Recommendation System,
Transfer learning


• Use machine learning and statistical modeling techniques to develop and evaluate algorithms to improve performance, quality, and accuracy
• Work with technical teams in the development and application of applied analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics
• Work in productizing deep learning and computer vision algorithms
• Develop high precision classifiers and tools leveraging machine learning, regression, and rule-based based models
• Work with product managers to formulate the data analytics problem
• Showcase research publications in top international journals and conferences

MOD NOTE: Outgoing Link Removed. Disappointment- Not getting any orders

First things first: please remove all external links, fiverr can ban you right away for that.
Secondly you need to move your post into “my fiverr gigs category” that’s the only place where you can advertise your gigs.

Welcome to fiverr, however no one here will be able to help you get orders as we are the same sellers here and your competitors definitely wouldn’t be inclined to give you their orders.
But you can read helpful advices that people already shared on this forum. there are tons of useful information and all you need to do is to use search button for that. I see you have only 3 min read time so you didn’t try to invest your time into reading yet.


I´d start with Gig´s description that sounds more like a CV and it does not describe the Gig in my opinion.

The desription should state in more detail what will you be working on, what will you be requiring from Buyer and what is a scope of delivery.

Be as detailed as possible so buyers will be able to understand if this meets their needs.