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Discerning designers needed


Hello Designers,

We’re in search of freelance designers interested in creating designs around publication content.

You may be required to create a design based on a Political, Financial, Entertainment or Sporting article, so interests and knowledge in these spaces is greatly beneficial.


  1. Contemporary
  2. Witty
  3. Modern
  4. Clean
  5. Design Intent

Please inquire if you’re interested.


Christian Clements


Hi, please post your request in Buyers Requests section. There you will get plenty of sellers to choose from.


Exactly…please do not post your request at forum…do it on buyers request section only…


Can you really blame a buyer for posting their request here when the BR brings such a low quality of response from 99% of respondents? Mind you, looking at the front page of this forum recently, it’s all academic anyway. They’re going to get a similar avalanche of nonsense with this from people who couldn’t draw a stick man, never mind “discern”.