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Disclaimer: No Fiverr ToS violation allowed

Would a first line in any gig description, disclaimer like:

Disclaimer: I will not provide any services or accept to work in ways that violate any of Fiverr’s ToS.

Looks professional or it will magnetize trolls?

My thoughts is that psychologically you discourage potential rule breakers approach you, with funny,questionable requests, so works as a shield or a firewall.

Edit: Bonus: You save time from messaging people privately explaining what is allowed and what is not.

Feel free to express your thoughts on this and/or improve it.

I think that it is generally assumed that you do no want me to murder you if you have invited me to dinner. Therefore, not participating in illegal services should be the assumed default state and not pointed to unduly.

If you don’t like dealing with scammers, probably best to report them when they raise their ugly little heads. This benefits all when they get cleared away.

There are better ways to look professional, like raising rates which will make you less interesting to the lazy & stupid as well as indicating a higher market value.



Agree. On the other hand you leave no room for excuses of “I didn’t knew it violates ToS”. It’s like a sign out of your door that writes: “Careful dog inside.” :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it would attract trolls but I’m not sure it would repel unscrupulous people either.

Some scammers may think that that is just a front to make yourself look compliant.

A lot of people who break ToS do so because they don’t even know what the ToS are or don’t have the comprehension skills to understand what they mean.

Just look at all the people in the forum who insist that they aren’t violating third-party terms. Then they tell you their story and it’s clear they are but they won’t listen to you.


This means you would need to read and understand ToS but in other topic you said.

“Do not crucify me but I am a bit lazy to read the ToS.”



Have no fear, Detective Blavaro is on the scene! lol


Let him dig deeper and he will find that I earn money for Fiverr. :sunglasses:

I don’t think he is trying to discredit the amount of money you make on Fiverr. He just found it ironic that you’re inquiring about offering a gig where you mention TOS but in an earlier post admitted you are too lazy to read it.


Although I think you have a good concept, I have Buyers who don’t read a single word in my profile/gig description, etc.

I think you will encounter a number of “blind” Buyers who will claim they never saw it.

That being said, posting it still covers your butt, so why not post it anyway?


The problem is that most people don’t even know what the Terms of Service are.

We all agreed we read and understood the TOS when we created our accounts, but the reality is that that most people haven’t got a clue.

I’m sorry to say that, in my opinion, such a message won’t stop bad buyers.


You could put the ‘disclaimer’ in your FAQs or requirements if you max out the character limit, if you feel it’s relevant.

Q: Will you do X, Y, or Z?
A: I will not do anything that breaks the ToS, Privacy Policy, Community Standards, or breaks a third-party’s ToS. If you have questions about your project/task, message me prior to ordering to ask.