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Discount for gigs

Anyone can explain about this option?


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Hmm, I’ve never seen that before.

It might be from the subscription program because I don’t remember Fiverr having a separate discount program!

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yes. its showing only for this seller :slight_smile:

I just went into the Fiverr app to view that seller’s gig and I didn’t see any discount tag. That’s strange!

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It could be something they put on their graphic to indicate they lowered their prices for a time.


its not a graphic :slight_smile:

I was scrolling through the first page of logo design gigs and I noticed that 2 of the gigs had a discount tag.

When I hover over the discount tag it says “Enjoy a ___% discount on this Gig today, applied automatically at checkout.”

Strange. Maybe Fiverr added a discount option for select sellers. The 2 gigs that I saw with the discount tag were Level 2 and TRS sellers.


Great, just what we all need, more senseless price reductionism.

People will either pump their gigs by the amount they then claim to discount or like many other places, the Discount becomes the new normal and therefore the ONLY way to sell anything. This is actually illegal in most civilized countries for very good reason as it is dishonest.

Prices at Fiverr tend to be stupidly low already so why make more ways to push the value of Freelance work even lower - and all the nasty flow-on effect this will bring?

Maybe Fiverr really does believe that we Freelancers should be put in cages and treated like Morlock as they show in their adverts.



Hi. We are currently testing the ability for sellers to offer discounts on their Gigs. Currently, some will see, some will not. These are targeted test to make sure that if/when the full discount program rolls out, it’s optimized for maximum impact for all buyers/sellers who want to participate.

There was another conversation recently about discounts for Gigs:

Also, I don’t think we’ve ever used Morlocks in our advertising. I can check with our marketing team to make sure we’re not planning an HG Wells themed marketing campaign in the near future… or past… or whenever really since we’d then have a time machine…


Interesting idea.

@mjensen415 , if you’re here, I already shared this idea a few times on the forum, but I would like Fiverr’s team to think about it as well.

I would recommend for sellers to have an option where they can lock their gig packages and not offer multiples. There are many buyers that just end up buying gig multiples even if the gig description clearly says that’s not supported. And in the end, the seller has to cancel because he can’t deliver so much work. Obviously I would see this as something optional, people could use it or just ignore it and offer multiples if they want.

But I know for a fact a lot of people agreed with me when I shared this idea. We need to have such a feature, so we, as sellers, receive more control over what’s purchased and what we can offer. I had someone buy 20x my gig amount, even if I just accept 1x. These things lead to a bad experience for both buyers and sellers.

So if you could share this idea with the team, that would be great. At least I hope they consider it, since it would help so many sellers choose what buyers can purchase and not have to worry about a random buyer opting for a 20x 1-day delivery package without our consent.

I hope this will eventually become a reality. Thank you for at least considering this idea.


Thanks for the feedback @donnovan86. I’ll pass it along.


Thanks for the reply