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Discount notification for saved gigs [Suggestion]

I think that sellers should be able to apply discounts or manually lower the prices on their gigs and here comes the fun part - Remember the “Save” gig heart button? The buyers that saved the gig should then get a notification about the discount/lower price. That is a great reminder and a great chance for buyers to get something they want for a discount and a great way for sellers to do some more sells when they don’t have that much queued orders. It’s a smart idea that’ll benefit both buyers and sellers if implemented.


Too many sellers make the assumption people are cheap and seeking discounts. They aren’t. They are seeking excellence.

I do not want to actively encourage discount minded buyers. My focus is on quality and excellence, and priced accordingly.


Well, some people just can’t afford some services and of course - this will be optional. On one of my drawing gigs I have around 150 orders while the gig itself has been saved over 1800 times by potential buyers. What I suggested is a great idea if you think about it - the discounts are optional - if you don’t want to discount your gigs then you can avoid doing so.

It’s a great idea, because it will bring more traffic and revenue to the platform - If a certain service that a buyer saved gets discounted, a notification about the discount will appear. This way, the seller that decided to discount his gig will reach all the people that were already interest in his gig so he’ll definitely be getting new orders and the buyers will be able to get the service they wanted for a cheaper price (As they probably couldn’t afford it at the time). It’s an absolute win-win if you ask me.

Is there a way to see how many times your gig has been saved?

You’re applying product selling principles to commission selling. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

It would mean inviting people who would prefer to hire you when you pay yourself less for labour and resources ie) scum buyers.

Good buyers understand three things:

  1. You get what you pay for

  2. They don’t trust the quality of people who think they need to be cheap in order to sell.

  3. Lowering the price of goods just lowers your profit margin. Lowering the cost of services means you’re paying yourself less per hour to do them. Good buyers know that true professionals don’t voluntarily underpay themselves to get work.


One easy way is to go to your gig page. The heart symbol with the numbers next to it represents the number of times your gig has been saved.

Your “cute illustration” gig, for example, has been saved a healthy 114 times.


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I never knew that! Thanks!

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