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Discount on Shipping Help

I have a gig where I’ll make bracelets out of baseballs. One of my buyers asked the day she ordered if she could have a discount on shipping if she got two bracelets. I responded to her that day and told her I would send her both bracelets for the price of one shipping. I was just wondering how i would go about doing that. Would she have to buy the gig again? Also, she hasn’t responded since I asked her about it and the gig is due tomorrow. Should I just send her one bracelet and a message saying she didn’t respond in enough time?

@jaimiecaitlin13 What madmoo says. That’s what I did before I leveled up (I sell physical objects which require shipping also). But buyers don’t always understand, so make it clear in your description! For example, write: Order this gig ONLY after you have purchased one of my other gigs. I will ship a second tem FREE; use this gig to buy the SECOND item. Please contact me for any questions.

Or something like that.

Good luck~!