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Discount System & "Loyal Buyer" Mass Messaging System


I’ve been using Fiverr pretty much daily for 16 months now, working as a seller as well as occasionally ordering services. I love that Fiverr are introducing new stuff, like their insurance plans and “And Co”. But they’re icing on the cake and I personally don’t have any interest in using them.

What I really want are improvements to the site. A more friendly and feature-rich atmosphere to the sellers, to make up for some of the recent backlash and disliked changes, and to improve the system here and now as well as long-term. Changes to are actually useful, though not necessary since the system is already great and any “necessary” changes would just upset people. Tools that are there if needed but that are a bonus.

I have plenty of ideas, but here are the two that are at the top of my list as I’ve found myself actually having a use for them right now:

1. Loyal Buyer’s Mass Messaging System
Sometimes, I want to send a message to all my repeat buyers. It could be to inform of a planned price increase. Obviously, a standard mass messaging system is out of the question since sellers would abuse it. But much in the way that buyers can “favorite” sellers this system could be a sign-up system. Like, “Subscribe to notifications from this seller”. It could improve communication and buyer-seller relations.

The system would have to have strict limits. Before sending your message you would have to select an option from a list regarding what your message is about (“price increase”, “gig changes”, “discount offer”, etc.)

Subscribing to a seller could be suggested automatically after for example a buyer’s third order from the same seller, in a similar way that they system reminds buyers to leave a review. I would also include an “invite to subscribe” button that the seller can use, but maybe limited to once a month per buyer. This button would make it easier for sellers to encourage buyers to subscribe for gig updates in a natural way.

And of course, buyers need to be able to individually reply to the mass message - the primary purpose of the system is, after all, to encourage communication and increased sales.

2. Discount System
I would like to see a discount system. The seller can activate a discount for a specific gig by selecting the discount level (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 50%) and an end-criteria which could be a specific number of days or a specific number of orders (for example when the discount campaign has resulted in 5 new orders).

Gigs currently running a discount would be featured in their own Discount section on the Fiverr front page. The gig page itself would have the discount clearly advertised on the page, to encourage buyers to act now.

This could potentially also be tweaked to get new sellers some attention. I was registered here for several years before I randomly got my first order. Once I got that first review, more orders just kept coming.

Finally, the discount system could be tied in with the “loyal buyers” mass messaging system, for example by offering subscribed buyers a discount during quieter times.

And the discount would of course apply to the Fiverr fee too! If this was implemented but the discount only applied to the seller’s profit it sends the message that Fiverr doesn’t really believe in the system. The seller and Fiverr should be on the same page as the whole point is that both would benefit from increased sales.


I had the same idea and agree, I’d love to be able to mass email my regular repeat customers and offer a discount to loyal customers. Right now as it is, I make a PDF offering discounts and send it to my clients one by one. It would be great to come up with a discount “code” or some way to activate a coupon. It encourages repeat business, reminds them of new gigs or additional things they can do to increase their business. I’ve been doing this for two years and I always get customers who use them. I would do it more frequently if I had an easier way to do it.


I almost did something similar (messaging repeat buyers individually to offer discounts, but then I didn’t end up doing it as it felt… weird. I’d like it to be a more natural part of the system. It could be useful to inform them about changes, new gigs, etc. though :slight_smile:

The “new gig” aspect that you mentioned is a good use I didn’t think about :smiley: I do translations but am considering also starting a proofreading/editing gig. If/when I do, mass-messaging my repeat buyers to inform them of my new services, which are related to the original gig they hired me through, would be great to kick-start that new gig and get the first few reviews! :smiley:


I had a similar thought! I know this isn’t a social media platform, but having a newsfeed that allows you to see important updates such a price increases, sales, or warnings ahead of time that sellers will be going on holiday soon would make life a lot easier- so far I’ve been messaging my repeat buyers individually! With copy and paste it’s not too bad, but it feels awkward to personally message someone to be like “hey… uh… sorry but I’m going to be charging more soon”. So something like this would help a LOT.