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Discounts for loyal clients


I’d love to be able to mass email my regular repeat customers and offer a discount to loyal customers. Right now as it is, I make a PDF offering discounts and send it to my clients one by one. It would be great to come up with a discount “code” or some way to activate a coupon. It encourages repeat business, reminds them of new gigs or additional things they can do to increase their business. I’ve been offering discounts for two years and I always get customers who use them. I would do it more frequently if I had an easier way to do it.

  1. Easier way to mass email customers who have previously purchased gigs
  2. Easy way to offer a “coupon” or “discount” code to select gig
  3. Maybe a way to set a “temporary gig package”


I would like a standard way established by Fiverr that meets their approval and doesn’t fall into a spamming concern. I wouldn’t want a way to mass message Fiverr users outside of those that have purchased gigs from me. Maybe they have to OPT IN to being willing to accept occasional communications from me. That way it’s not unsolicited.


Instead of sending out to previous clients messages about discounts, which we aren’t supposed to do, you could mention with each order a discount for follow up orders.

There have been a lot of threads about the fact that sending spam can get our accounts banned. I know you don’t think of it as spam probably but it actually is considered that on fiverr.

I’m not trying to sound critical. I just don’t want to encourage people to do something that could cause someone to report them for spam.


I understand your point. I think if it’s a client that you’ve built a good rapport with, they appreciate you offering them an opportunity to return and receive a small discount for repeat business. I would never want to mass email everyone that has purchased a gig from me, but select clients who use me frequently. Sometimes they’ve purchased one type of gig, but aren’t aware of others that might be useful to them, or I may have a new gig I’m now offering and I would like to share it with them. That’s much different than general spamming.

I do appreciate your response though and see where you’re coming from. Cheers! :grinning:


There is a way to do this though it doesn’t have “mass” capability. I don’t know if Fiverr would go for anything bulk. What you can do is deliver orders and include a Fiverr Anywhere link in your delivery message. The Fiverr Anywhere link can have a special discounted offer for that buyer and can be set to expire at a set time, just like a coupon code. You might give it a try if you haven’t, it’s really an under-utilized feature.