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Discovered a seller who is a fraud, theft, and scammer

I bought a gig from a seller and about rpg game (the goddess blade: origins). I received the game and had a suspious feeling. I research the game and found the game on youtube. The seller reviewed and did work on the game. The video he reviewed was a year old and I received the game on 9/18/17. But he stole and took credit for the game which he gave me. I talked with creator about the matter and was furious about it. I am going to get refund for the game.

It’s against forum rules to call out buyers/sellers. Please remove the seller name. No one on the forum can help you in this situation anyway, you need to follow up with Customer Support.


I don’t get your complain. Did you pay for an original game or a game that already existed?

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I see that seller has a gig where he makes an original game for you.
Why not leave a review for what you got from him?