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Discrepancy with actual earnings with revenue

Hey guys,

So today I found out that the Fiverr system has a glitch or something with the earnings. I realize that when I was taking my earnings, and found out that a $24 gig was just posted as a $8 dollars revenue. So i looked around and found out that a lot of my gigs where short from the actual earning.

I FIGURE IT OUT, the orders revenue is being split in separate orders, idk why

Here is the attached file,

I am sorry to hear that. I am keeping a close eye on my revenue list and always double check everything. Thankfully I have never had any issues. I certainly hope you will get yours resolved as soon as possible.
Best of luck!!!

Sometimes the revenue gets split up. I noticed a couple of times and many tabs later I found the rest of the money. If extra funds were added after the initial order, that might be the cause.

Anyway, misleading headline or what? Good clickbait though.

Yes it can sometimes be divided into more than one line of earnings.
“clickbait” – it made me click on it.

I think this might be an actual problem. I have an open ticket with support from 20 days ago. (No response as of yet) I have orders which include gig extras. So for example $5 original + $5 Gig extra.

The actual amount credited to my account was only for the gig extra. The original gig was not included in the total amount. I also have orders where the amount totals on the order page do not add up.

Sounds like a very similar situation. I’m not holding my breathe on a response.

You have very interesting gigs.