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I need an opinion from you guys, IS IT A DISCRIMINATION when customer support continue to ignore you and not giving you any proper or related answer or eventually help to you as a seller.

I see it this way, unknown number of sellers get an answer, respond or help by CS and lets say I’m the only one who are they not answering me at all or help me out thru my case, with that i dont have the same rights as other sellers and I’m being automatically discriminated for so far unknown reason. In a situation like this I can only guess the reason why I’m being treated different than other sellers.

My gig " engage UNLIMITED genuine real visitors at your music website for one week" was denied for not being in a proper category/subcategory and it was in advertising/music promotion since the plan was to advertise and promote any music website and with that to engage visitors to any music website. My gig was approved and active and after 3 days I have got the first order, hours after that I have got an email by fiverr that my gig is denied, please see attachment number 1. I fill out and send my first ticket on which after 7 days I still dont have any respond. i wrote couple of more times after 4 days at the same ticket to check is everything ok but did not get any answer. so I fill out another ticket on which after 24 hours got respond totally different than the previous one “The services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines” please see attachment number 2, so i asked since when advertising music websites is not in fiverr editorial focus and guidelines, does not have any sense. I have explain everything I even send screen shoots so everything to be more clear but my efforts were useless since I did not get any respond, help or explanation.