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Discuss your project before you order


Fiverr has a great variety of extremely talented sellers who take what they do very seriously. This is one place where a buyer can get very high quality work for an extremely low price…literally a steal of a deal! To get a great product, it is essential that buyers communicate well with the seller BEFORE ordering. I design and create Presentations that are used by many large companies (yes, they come to Fiverr) for a variety of things. I treat every gig as though I am getting paid thousands to complete it. However, I make sure that my buyers communicate clearly what they want, we discuss it back and forth until I am very sure we have a shared understanding on what the final output should be. This works great and we all leave satisfied.

The skill level you see on Fiverr is more than money…because face it, $4 is not a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination. Another thing to always be cognizant of is that your project may be much more than a single gig or a single extra. So communicate well with your seller BEFORE you order. If you are looking for a any kind of Presentations, feel free to chat with me!


Thanks for this thread. Most of the time, what a person orders from me, is something I’m able to create for them (I’m a writer). Sometimes, it’s outside my wheelhouse or they didn’t understand the gig. That’s why I appreciate having an inquiry first. So, we may discuss it beforehand to see if we should proceed. Fortunately, if they have already placed the order & there is an issue about it, we usually are able to work it out.


this only works with my writing gigs…most other gigs the buyer orders like a deer in the headlights.


Generally I am able to produce work without a discussion, but it is very annoying when someone orders with zero information on what they would like.


I absolutely agree, buyers should talk to us before ordering. Sometimes they don’t pay attention to the things we can’t or won’t do, things that are stated in our gig description, so they buy and then we have to mutually cancel the order. This doesn’t harm our rating on the short-term but certainly wastes the buyers’ time.

This has happened a couple of times with me with my HoldYourSign gig and it feels really bad.


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