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Discussion About Advertising/Promoting

Mod Note: This was a conversation that started within a separate thread but went on something of a tangent. It has been relocated and can continue here (if desired) as a discussion about sellers advertising or promoting themselves in general.

As per Fiverr TOS, a seller CAN advertise his or her gig(s) outside the Fiverr platform (except in Adwords), provided he or she “must comply with laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant website used to advertise”
NO confusions between promoting and advertising, please.
Please see the attached screenshot(s) from Fiverr TOS

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Because there is no option to “advertise” a gig anywhere in the Fiverr platform. Even if a buyer or a seller is using the “Buyer Request” or “Post a Request”, these are not “advertisements”, but simply posts.
On a marketplace like Fiverr, usage of certain words can really change the reality in which it is perceived. And that is why I needed clarification as to whether we are talking about “promoting” or “advertising”. There is a difference between the 2. And for people in the internet marketing niche, there is a wide difference between the 2.

Advertising generally refers to controlled, paid ads, messages, etc in the media (online, offline), while promotion includes paid AND free marketing activities.
Example. You share a link to your gig to your network in LinkedIn : technically, that is not advertising, it is
You pay LinkedIn for ads to appear to LinkedIn audience : that is advertising and in certain cases promoting as well, depending on the strategy and goals of the campaign.
No offences. but I was in the advertising industry for 3 years and there is a difference between promoting and advertising, Not a wide difference, though.

Advertising is long-term, promotion is short-term, and advertising involves promotion. Just wanted to get that out.

Yes, indeed there is a difference : but let it be. Nothing that would impact us as sellers or buyers at Fiverr. But for our overall knowledge such terminologies are good to know.

Exactly. See my reply earlier to " vickiespencer "

A few articles that we Google and read, do mention that advertising is long-term. But, it is not always the case, in reality.