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I’ve met some exceptionally wonderful people on Fiverr, buyer and seller alike. I feel fortunate to be here. It’s also empowering to have greater control over how I make money. I’m even working on a more creative gig for the near future. :slight_smile:



With the help and support of some people I knew, I was actually able to get roughly two buyers a day since the day I began (Everyone loves Tarot! hehe) but there is something about reading buyer feedback that I get an absolute thrill from!

I get a lot of readings on sensitive topics and it always amazes me that people trust me- a strange panda woman from New York- to give them insight and advice about their personal life, when most would not even spill that to their closest lifelong friends. I think this is one of the most rewarding parts of being about to do my passion on Fiverr… to me, it’s not about the $5… it’s about being about to use my hobby to help others.

I also get some clients that tell me I’ve put them to tears… which puts me to tears! How often do I hear that in the real world (maybe when I make my husband cut the onions)? Fiverr definitely has helped me a lot- in only 2 weeks- further my skill in Tarot and learn how to connect with people on a more spiritual level.



oldbittygrandma said: My username has become a verb

Don't you mean Noun ? :)


I loooooooove my customers. They are without a doubt imaginative, creative and fun. I’ve learned so much because of them. My craft has improved exponentially in a short amount of time because of their ideas. And they are always so complimentary and kind, so far.


When I got first order from buyer that time I didn’t believe it and surprised too because I joined Fiverr for buying some items and for testing purpose I created a gig for providing one seo service. When I got first buyer that time I excited too for providing my services to buyer and found buyer didn’t know anything then I tried to share knowledge and educated him. After that buyer raised so many queries and I satisfied all queries. Finally he appreciated my services and I felt happy and got satisfaction too. After that I created another gigs and got so many orders. Everytime I try to satisfy my clients and buyers. I always become happy and satisfaction when find out happy buyer with my services.