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Hey everyone. We wanted to let you in on a new initiative we’re kicking off to identify and engage highly-experienced talent on Fiverr, who can address the developing needs of our buyers’ community. Accepted sellers will be exposed to top Fiverr buyers, and will gain the support of our success management team.

We want to provide you with the tools to thrive so you can continue doing what you do best: excelling at your craft. Sound interesting? We’re currently accepting applications from Fiverr talent and beyond - go ahead and apply here:


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I am interested in applying but I’m not sure of the details of the offer.
Could I get any more information about what I would be doing and
any benefits it would bring?


Hi @misscrystal - that’s what the signup form is for. So we can contact you with more information!


I am really interested and I already applied, there are some parts, I confused about , but I already applied. So If you think , you dont understand any of part please let me know .

i really want to join . :deciduous_tree:


Yea, couple of questions ask for a definite answer when all I/anyone can say is “it depends”


It seems a little intentionally vague, can’t you explain it any further? Many people don’t like filling out forms to apply for something unless they know what it is.:slight_smile:


Hey I am interested. Is it available for the music and voice over catagory? I do have a lot of concerns with fiver now. I have been on fiver almost 5 years now and it used to be a great income source for my family and I. It paid for much of the medical needs for my special needs daughter and allowed me to be home to help my wife with her care. But it has dropped off substantially in recent months and customer service has become increasingly vague and a bit hostile when I ask why and if they will help. I am a top rated seller and my monthly high income for fiver was $4500 and average was around $2500 to $3000 but this month of April is almost over and I have made just over $500. Could this be related to the recent changes. Do I need to apply to get in front if more sellers?


The same for me my friend.

Fiverr is my only source of income actually. January, February and March from this year were my best months.

This month my earnings will drop about 50%. I’m not a top rated seller, I’m almost a 3 years member and I never seen such a drop in the sales like this on my category.

I’m really concerned about this because it’s affecting my personal life.


@fast_editing, did you get accepted already? If so, what is it? Or did you have to promise not to tell :slight_smile:.

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Yes. I accepted the initiative. “many other sellers have doubt/fear to filling that form bcuz they don’t know, What will happen after filling the form of the initiative.” If you’re doing honest selling at fiverr without breaking any fiverr rules… You can proudly fill the form for “Be a part of good initiative by fiverr”

Honestly - They don’t given much details about initiative, rules and other thing. But As I’m 4 year old seller. Sold out of 2350+ gig to fiverr buyers. I can trust 200% of any initiative by fiverr staff.



Completed. Looking forward to work with you.

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This is a very good initiative. But if I may suggest, I would be glad if CS members take a look in forum to see sellers needs.


I would prefer to hear a little bit more before applying to something too. It does sound very interesting, in case part of it is to gain input from sellers about how categories might be improved so that it would be easier for buyers to find just the right, and a good, not scamming etc. seller, for instance, but I´m hesitant to apply for something without knowing what I´m getting myself into.
Hope enough sellers who can help with it will apply though and that the project will be a success. :slight_smile:


Interesting but little confused as well…[quote=“mjensen415, post:1, topic:132010”]
Accepted sellers will be exposed to top Fiverr buyers,

what does this means? does the selected seller gig will appear on the search top? is this anything to do with TRS?


Did anyone hear back about this program? I filled out the form and haven’t heard a word.

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I have filled it out right away when this thread has been made. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back yet either, even though I think I have submitted a pretty decent form.


Anyone know when the “more information” part will be sent to applicants? :slight_smile:

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Waiting on feedback. Filled it out the day it was announced!

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I’m so skeptical of messages I get in my inbox. I’m never sure if they are legit or not. I got the following message:

"Hey steveeyes,

Hope this message finds you well.

We wanted to let you know we’re currently working on a Category Development Initiative to identify and engage select talent that can meet the needs of our wide range of buyers, and we’re hoping you’ll apply to potentially become a part of it. You may start to see word of this on the forum, but wanted you to be one of the first to know. You can find the application, here:

(The application is best viewed on a desktop computer)

Essentially we’re looking to collect information on select seller’s professional education, certifications, and past experience. Because it’s a gradual roll out, we’ll be in touch with next steps in the coming weeks, as it becomes relevant for your category and profile.

If you have any questions about the application process, let us know. Hope you’ll apply for this exciting initiative!


Editorial Team


If the above message is from a member of the Fiverr team how come they also have a gig at: – why would a member of the Fiverr team have a gig.

Also the URL in the message – – why is the url fiverrsuccess and not just fiverr

As soon as I got the above message I came here to the forum…Over the years I got message like above from people trying to scam me so I think it is understandable why one would be careful. Based on this forum thread I guess it is legit but I still wonder why the message I got came from someone with a gig if they are part of the Fiverr team. Oh well, call me careful.

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