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Are you also having problems on fiverr with getting sales just like other successful sellers? No one could figure out if it is bug or just the wrath of God but all the gigs on profile are thrown to the end of search results after using promoted gigs option :frowning:

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I am also faced with ups and downs.

I’ve just been here long enough to know it will bounce back for me personally.

Again for me personally: this is not a problem.

Is my revenue down? A little.

Are sales slow? Definitely.

Is this a problem? Not for the time being.

It’s a correction in the marketplace, it happens ever so often and I stopped worrying after the 3rd or 5th time.

Edit: I am adjusting and repositioning myself in the marketplace. I am just remaining calm whilst doing so. (Thought I’d add this in, as upon reading my reply it appeared as if I am just waiting it out, which I am not.)


It’s not a bug, calling it the latter is quite the hyperbole.


Being an expert and a seasoned seller, would you please give me an advice about what I should do in this situation? I only started selling in December and this month I am moving to Level 2. I know I should remain calm but when I see some sellers not getting this issue fixed even after six month I just get scared and think of leaving this platform. So please tell me something as you are the most experienced person I know so far on this platform.

I’m sorry but I don’t know what this “situation” you are referring to is or what the problem other sellers can’t fix.

You are asking me for personal advice when I have no way of knowing what is happening with your account.

I share all my insights via my posts here, making suggestions based on my personal experience and I try to help as much as I can.

But I can’t tell you what to do.


This is not the case with me. I was using promoted gigs, my gigs did not seem to be affected. I stopped using it and my gigs are doing even better, although I did edit my gigs too.
Maybe god just prefers atheists these days.


Hmm… Makes sense, what you said. Even I don’t know what is happening to my account as I already once faced this issue when I had 7 pending orders as a no-level seller and my gig disappeared from market place right after client accepted offer for 7th order but the gig was back in place few seconds after my pending orders on that gig came back to 6. Maybe system doesn’t want me to run so fast in this race. I am observing things and I am sure I will figure it out soon. Thanks for replying me, I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

My gig was also losing impressions and clicks when i was using that feature; the day my gigs were unqualified for promotion my gig went up to the top in the queue where it never has been before. I think system does not want us to collect too much market share or it wants to turn to one account one seller policy as many accounts are being managed by number of sellers. Lets hope for the best.