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The “Fiverr Anywhere” Chrome plugin is outlined in the Fiverr blog here: and it is also mentioned in the forums under News. I wanted to start a new topic on it, though, since I’ve tried it a couple of times and I’m curious to talk with others who have used it. What do you think? Has it generated any sales for you? How do you personally advertise what you create there? Have you tried to use it but found the interface too confusing or not working right?

For me, I’ve just done a couple of small tests to use it as a way of running a special or a sale. Like, I’ll create an offer that is similar to one of my current standing gigs but I’ll offer double the work or 1 day turnaround. I’ll make it clear it is a limited time offer and set the expiration to something very short. Then I put the link on Twitter, Facebook groups, etc. and see if I get any responses. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t generated anything although I have had page views go up on other gigs so perhaps it is at least getting some people to my profile.

I’m interested in trying it as a way to list a whole series of offers on my own website but I haven’t gone that far yet. One thing I like about it over the custom quote feature is that you can set a duration limit and I didn’t see a way to do that on a quote. If I offer someone a quote and then two weeks later I get super busy, as far as I can tell they can suddenly accept my quote a time when I would have a hard time meeting the delivery time that would have been fine when I created the quote.

Thoughts? Ideas? Experiences?

Editing in one more question- If you haven’t tried the new feature, why not? I’m seeing so little about it I am beginning to think it really isn’t being used.

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Perhaps redundant but bumping in case more are on in the evening. Has anyone else even tried the “Anywhere” plugin even once? LOL

I might have been the first to try it, had it installed within a minute of the announcement. Same as you i have mostly just tested it but i do have some plans, planning to write an addon for phpbb forums so that i can post gig offers on forums i own or manage. That or perhaps start a new community site where freelancers can post offers.

The only problem is lack of spare time (not sure if such a thing exists anymore).

Reply to @mgjohn78: LOL, yeah, I imagine you are like many of us. Spare time is what you call it when your brain shuts down enough that you can’t quite muster something else, but to keep doing things to make your business productive you work with things like promotion and new features! I have the same problem, but I see potential in this. I am not quite sure how to apply it in the best way so I figured it might be interesting to talk about.