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Discussion Turning Disruptive - Moved


I do not work full time here… My current package is 18,50,000 p.a. Fiverr do not provide any career guarantee. If you’re getting order…you’re lucky… A time will come…you’ll not get any order…When you’ll feel your career ruined.!!

Lost the PRO Badge

@social_jung I’m a full time software engineer. i work here as part time. but at least i know how to talk to a person when they are in a trouble. I’m very lucky that because I’m not like you. :joy:


hahahah.hahahahahhaahah. Look…who’s talking about “how to talk” …

You gone at my level… I don’t!!

You must have to learn, how the fiverr works :smile: :wink:.

If someone lost their “Pro badge” and posting the thread at this forum… He’s knows already… No one can help about at this forum…Forum members can’t do anything… He must have to talk at Fiverr CS. You don’t know about the inside things… So why non-pro members feeling sad!!