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For ANYTHING about being PROMOTED, DEMOTED or SIMILAR, please do not create a new topic about it or it may be deleted. Instead, post it here and everyone can discuss it together. This post is primarily for February Evaluation Day - NOT for rants or complaints about issues prior to February.

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Now I understand that I will get demoted after not fulfilling the necessary criteria for the current level I am sitting on, I am about to get my Level one badge tomorrow, and at the same time I will most likely have to cancel out an order tomorrow(hopefully after I get the badge).

Now, after I cancel out that specific order, my order delivery rate will drop from 100% down to about 86%, since I had around 7 orders in the past 2 months.

My question is simple, will I get demoted instantly, or will I get demoted when the next evaluation occurs?
If it’s the latter, that would be extremely good for me, since I would have that to pump up those numbers.

I’d appreciate if you guys could tell me more about your experiences regarding this, if any?

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You would get demoted in March at the next evaluation.

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Thank you for the response, I’ll see tomorrow how it goes, I’ll update this thread just so that others can see it too, as I didn’t find it anywhere else on the forum.

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Jesus christ Fiverr, get your stuff together!

(It was actually a promotion, but that bottom notification got me all “WTF!”)


lmao! the same thing happaned to me! first i was - yaaaaaaay!

Then when my eyes hit the bottom notification i went - naaaaay!

Lol, took a few seconds to figure out it was a notification bug!haha… good that you actually snapped a screenshot!

but… then again, im afraid that notification might be correct. because its true, when a demotion or promotion occurs,… that means the current level might change?

Maybe this time I’ll be lucky :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Or maybe not :grinning::grinning:


Hello there! my level was demoted on January ! where I can seen as per leveling score my profile goes to level one. Any way its not a big issue for me. Because I agree to best concern with fiverr authority. Hence couple of month I am seeking for work since november. In buyers requirement section not getting a true Clint / projects. From my side every day I use to share my gigs on social media specially on europe and usa channels. So looking for a true help from fiverr ! Because I would like to work on fiverr.

Hello everybody. Fiverr just informed me that this month i ll be a level ZERO seller!!! That happened after 2 years of hard work, after 1257 5 star reviews (Average 99,9%), after 50.000$ earnings, after almost ZERO cancellations, after 100% complete orders, after 95% response. The reason? I had on time delivery 70%. Fiverr believes that we had no life and we must work in our sleep to deliver on time. For Fiverr nonthing more counts, only a happy buyer who takes on time his job whatever is this. I am a graphic artist 20 years i havent see in my life anything like this. I dont know who is responsible for this, someone on Fiverr thinks that its a clever idea to promote a seller with no experience, non-professional, cheap, low quality and with no earnings just because he delivers his 10 orders has in a month on time. Thats for laughs. I am not mad on this, i had stable customers, i am not loosing money on that but i think Fiverr lost quality, money and reputation with this movement. I dont know if you have the same feeling but i had to say that. if someone from Fiverr see this message i ll be happy to share his thoughts about this and explain to us their policy. My regards


I’m in the same stuation as you. Everything is green except the delivery time. I asked my customers for an extension but they ignored it so I’m forced to worked with late gigs.

They are all happy in the end but now I’m a new seller :unamused::unamused::unamused:

This does not help us at all. I struggled this month to get some jobs to improve my delivery time but how can I get jobs with level 0???

(Sigh) Fiverr is just making me get more jobs outside of Fiverr.


i am getting demoted due to mistakenly placed order


Same thing just happened to me. Demoted to ZERO. Why? Because I have a 71% reply rate.

Do you know WHY I have such a low rate? BECAUSE PEOPLE MESSAGE ME WHEN IT IS MIDNIGHT IN NEW YORK, AND I HAVE TO SLEEP FOR MY DAY JOB. They also said I was demoted because I don’t have an immaculate 5 star rating! How ridiculous is that? Even ONE person giving you a FOUR star rating could knock you off that throne!

Fiverr sucks harder than ever now. I am in the process of finishing up two gigs where I was the buyer. Once I am done with those, I’m out of here.


I faced today same thing. But anybody can tell if i increase my delivery percentage 90% then on the same day they will upgrade or i have to wait for the next 15th March



I think you ll have to wait…:frowning:

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We have 24 hours to answer. When you wake up you have a long time left to answer.


Well that cannot be true because I DO answer within 24 hours, and yet my response rating still is what it is.


If you are sure, ask CS to give you which message you didn’t answer within 24h.


As she said, you get 24 hours to reply. I at least just say hello so it would count as a response. Only the first response is needed.


Change the delivery time (+1 or +2 days).
You have so many good reviews that the delay doesn’t seem to be a problem for your buyers. It’s just a problem for the statistics.