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When will Fiverr reevaluate again?
I am very happy with in fiverr work! :-)
Seller Level Demoted for not replying to SPAM
Evaluation will be held EVERY MONTH now?
No one tells me why was my level restricted
Bring Out Your Dead.... (Clang Clang Imaginary Ominous Bell Sound)
Just Been Demoted? Let's Stop it Happening Again


TRS badges are granted manually, they are not automatic. Only Fiverr decides who and when they become a TRS as it’s a manual selection process.


As i know, in next hours Fiverr is going to evaluate the levels, According to some problems my performance was not ideal and i’m going to lose my level.
When will they reevaluate again, and do i have chance to get my level 2 again ?


Every month on the 15th.

The evaluation is on a monthly basis.


My delivery and response percentages are not ideal for this evaluation. I am going to lose my level 2 badge.

Is it an automatic process? My problem is how can recover my level again? Do I have to do the same effort as I did before? OMG

Does anyone has an idea?


You lose levels, you can get it back on the next evaluation given you can raise your stats.

@eoinfinnegan this thread was a pretty good idea.


Yes, it’s the automatic process so if you do not meet criteria to keep your badge, you will lose it automatically, but you can get it back next month. :wink: Only TRSs are chosen by Fiverr staff and this will still be the case. :wink:


Just had customer support cancel 2 active orders forcefully - I’m assuming it’s a chargeback or the person closed their account as they no longer exist / their account has disappeared - This unfortunately drops my completion rate from 91% to 89% - for a situation that would seemingly be out of my control I’ll now be penalized in a few hours for it.

As nice as the progressive level situation is - I see this ultimately negatively affecting the way sellers conduct business on the platform (or worse, the health of freelancers on this platform) - It’s becoming an incredibly fragile marketplace where reputation, seniority and likewise are no longer acknowledged as much as performance will be - and with performance being such a volatile figure on a month-to-month basis it’s bound to create instability to some degree.

Personally, and forwarding the discussion I’d see that it’d make more sense that you’d receive an initial warning before demotion or “2 strikes and you’re demoted” sort of implementation as you spend so much time earning and working your way up through the ranks and dedicating your time to the platform - only to be hit with situations such as mines where you get 2 random cancellations last minute (literally) and lose the very badge you’ve worked months to attain or the level you’ve been at for some which could be literally years - over having a 1% decline to what’s considered optimal.

As a seller who’s dedicated lots of time and effort to the platform, It’s simply concerning.


hello there,
i’m new seller, can i move to the two level directly if i achieve the level 2 seller conditions ?


Wait, so is this automated evaluation supposed to take place exactly at 12:00 AM London time on January 15th? (as in, three hours from now) Or is it some specific scheduled hour on that day?


Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for details about levels and much more.


No you can’t. You have to get level 1 and then on next evaluation level 2 badge. :wink:


Nobody knows - only Fiverr knows what time of the day, and if it takes more than a day or not. We’ve only been given a specific day, which also appears to be different for many sellers, and that’s all.


My evaluation is set for today, but I’ve yet to see any change or email about it. Even the app still says my next evaluation is Jan. 14, 2018… so who knows when it’ll actually happen.


Ok, surely some people should have been demoted by now. Much more importantly, since we all know what criteria we need to meet not to be demoted, some people must know that they are going to shed a level badge (or perhaps 2) over the next 12 hours. - The thing is, will anyone now dare admit it?

For me, I’m at 99%, 100%, and 97%. This means I’m clear.

HOWEVER, I did intend to have 100% across the board in time for tomorrow and in a way, my stats prove an important point. Namely, the only reason I don’t have a 100% response time, is due to 1 spam message which I could not reply to. Meanwhile, I have only had one real late delivery and one brought about via a Fiverr bug.

Given the above, I’m down 3 out of 4 percentage points due to matters beyond my ability to control. In this case, there is no shame in being a victim of the first great Fiverr Cull. What I am interested in though, is why you might be a victim.

Did a Fiverr bug tip the balance? Does your niche simply necessitate that you cancel more frequently? - If so, what niche is it? Also, what did you try and do to maintain your current level?

Come on. You won’t be able to hide forever. Bring out your dead and vent and explain why you have fallen from grace in the eyes of our overlord.



100%. 99%, 100%

All I’m worried about is something going wrong or karma deciding to screw me over for now.


I was going to reply, but then I realized: everything one says in this thread can and will be used against them by the dark competitor lords or third-party villains hired by them. It can easily turn into a “how to destroy your nagging competitors” thread as far as I see it :eyes:

There are plenty of lurkers, you know :eye:

Thus I shall remain :zipper_mouth_face:


So what? I love White House news briefings just because of that.

Never mind. I thought this would be a good way to streamline any influx of levelageddon posts. Instead, I shall just return to the X-Files.


I wish it was the 16th already :smiley:
I will lose my L2 because a buyer changed his mind and since I didn’t want to do the job I agreed to cancel, but to be honest I don’t think it will make any difference. The benefits you get with Level 2 are not that different. I would be pissed if I went from TRS to L2, but dropping to L1 doesn’t make much difference, at least not to me.

I ask all my clients why they chose me for their project and not a single buyer has said that it’s because of my level. Most of them said it’s either because of my reviews or my detailed proposal. If anything, some buyers might even see it as a selling point. Here’s a guy on L1, so if he’s able to sell his gig at this price range he must be good! :smiley: