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I will be demoted because the effing buyers, whilst happy with the work, didn’t leave a review and I didn’t bother about that. But tonight I make a custom offer for one of my returning buyers, who always leaves a review, therefore I will be promoted next time.
Oh, did I already mention that I don’t give an effing eff in one of my previous posts?


I am at 99%, 99& and 100%, but with a 4.8 star rating I just pray that I don’t get a bad review by tomorrow or I will be one of those carted off to the land of the dead.


Actually, I thought my rating would move down to 4.8 but it’s moved up to 5 somehow. In this case, you might be surprised in a positive way!


Well, I’m happy to say I have 100% / 100% / 100%, but to be nominated for TRS I will need to higher my prices a lot :stuck_out_tongue: or wait a century or two. :smiley:


Well, I hope so, before the new analytics came in I was at 4.9 and I think I got two 1 stars plus a 3 star which took me down to 4.7. Customer service removed the two one stars as they were given to me by the client because I didn’t cancel so the score went back up to 4.8 but just one or two negative reviews can bring me back down to 4.7


Whatever we all have done so far it’s time to see how Fiverr will judge us and hopefully the decision will be beneficial for all of us. If anyone gets demotion ( including myself ) don’t just give up instead try to update yourselves. Nothing personal just viewing the apposite side.


i think now TRS are not manual whoever comes fit on that criteria can achieve that.


No, TRS are still manually selected, it says so on the Analytics page.



thank you for making me correct .


Yes, by the way, I like you :kissing_heart:


Who? Wrong thread perhaps? Besides, I don’t know how Eoin will feel about this! :no_mouth:


Happy Forum-anniversary! image


The suspense is killing me!


When you say, TRS are been manually evaluated and selected
Will this also be done in an hour on 15th Jan 2018
Or this will take more time!?


I’m at 49/50 orders for level 2. :sob:

Not only will I have to wait for ages until the next evaluation but I will also have to meet the $2000 requirement which isn’t possible for me. :sweat:


What suspense? Are you in the clear?


Lol everyone is preparing for the Apocalypse


Nope, I think the next evaluation will be on 15th February. Good luck!


No No I’m talking about participating cyaxrex Thanks for paying attention nikavoice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today’s little number even though you seem to be focused on someone else right now.