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Disgraceful Buyer Requests!

No, this is not ANOTHER post about sellers posting in the Buyer Requests section. This is something that annoys me even more than that. At least the sellers who post in there can be written off as either stupid or desperate. What really annoys me is the absolutely ridiculous requests that buyers post.
For example:
-15 x 500 word articles for $5
-15,000 words of German to English for $10
-Write an ebook on marketing/ecigarettes/real estate for $5 - must be at least 10,000 words
-I need a PROFESSIONAL, native speaking proofreader with a Master’s in English to proofread my 50,000 word book for $20. Must also do copy editing, format it for Kindle and write a 500 word synopsis. Do not apply if you can’t do it for this price.

It takes all of my strength to resist the temptation to send them a message…

How these people can even ask for these things is beyond me. Buyers, if you are someone who sends requests like this and you cannot afford to pay a price that is at least some way towards reasonable then I think you need to reassess what you are doing!

What are the worst requests you have seen?

I saw one recently asking for a practicing full attorney in the state of Florida to write a letter on their law firm letterhead, send it to a recipient (at the lawyer’s cost) and it had specifications. Something like “Need in 48 hours at $5. No paralegals or non-FL lawyers.”

I had to pay a lawyer $500 the last time I needed one, and that was just to talk with me about a case and not do anything. Granted, the visit was an hour, but I figure it would take close to that time to write a letter and print it, plus to pay the receptionist who probably does the rest. Maybe at a discount that would cost $300? Five dollars my ****. (That says foot, of course.) :smiley:

Honestly, I had a look today and half of them are more amusing than anything. Check out this guy:


(The attached file is some sort of gibberish regarding how to send the rough draft, and I hardly need wonder what might constitute ‘OVERPRICE GIGS’)

I know that’s nowhere near the bottom of the barrel, but I only pop in once or twice a month. It’s just a complete waste of time in my experience.

Oh, and this in another posting: …English-to-Asian language translator…


That is hysterical!

Isn’t this where you spend 5 minutes drawing up (in crayon) a legal letter with childish demands? And some pretty pictures, too.

I actually get some good work from Buyer Requests but I use them to pull in a sale here or there when things are slow or I’m just back from pausing gigs. It seems to help push my gigs back up in search faster. I just hunt through them and even if I can find one or two real ones a day, I’ll usually get a sale in a week.

Of course, you being EMMAKI the GREAT, you don’t need such paltry things. :wink: For one thing, every time I get a bad buyer, I recommend your services highly so they’ll go to your profile instead. Mwahahaha!

So that’s where they all come from. That’s going in my little notebook.

I do apply but apparently I’m crap at bidding as well. Also, I saw one earlier today (the winery one if anyone else saw it) that had a reasonable budget and I knew I could do. But Fiverr crippled me from the start. I WAS ONLY ABLE TO APPLY WITH MY “your website sucks” gig.

Thanks, Fiverr. I applied anyway.

Are things really that expensive in the U.S. ? Wow, I would struggle there, I guess.

I think electronics/TVs/ computers/gas/cars are relatively cheap in developed countries…but services - doctors/lawyers/hired help etc. are expensive…here it’s the opposite, services are cheap and electronics etc. are relatively expensive.

Sorry for going off the tangent, but the $500/hour for a lawyer really hit me…

It really depends on what it is, but compared to India I would guess yes. I live in an area where the cost of living is pretty low for the USA. Lawyers, doctors, shrinks, and auto mechanics are crazy expensive here no matter what.

In the part of Texas I live in, though, rent and groceries really aren’t that bad compared to most states or even some other parts of Texas like Dallas and Austin.

Electronics/TVs/computers/gas aren’t that bad here overall if you are willing to go with last year’s model, crappier brands or used/refurbished stuff. Cars are expensive. Most services are incredibly expensive here. Even services like cleaning are expensive. My sister is the only person in my family that has a cleaning person and everyone thinks she’s crazy and rich.

I applied to one last week and I used a gig that wasn’t my preference because my new gig was a better match but in the wrong category for the buyer request. I applied anyway and quoted a higher price.

I told the buyer that if he was willing to let him give him a quote using my better-matching gig I would give him a $5 discount. He still refused and paid $5 more to order on the first gig. I’m still confused over that.

Usually, though, if I really want to match a gig to a request I switch the gig category long enough to apply and then switch it back 5 minutes later.

Well if you bring that up… then I am going to take the big guns out and say my favorite once… are looking for companionship don’t even have to pay! We can do it for free and they pop up every so once in a while lol.

Can’t believe I forgot that one, although it did make me laugh tbh.

It says a lot about Fiverr’s marketing that people believe they can get anything they want for $5.

That’s the way I want to deal with these kind of requests. Or when someone asks for 100 articles for $20, I want to send them a link to an article directory and suggest that copying what is there will give them a better result.

According to my American friends who now live in some other countries, the US is expensive. I was told that they cannot afford to live in US anymore that´s why they moved out.

Some moved to South America, some to South East Asia, some moved to East Europe in specific countries (coz for example like in South East Asia, if it´s in Singapore, it is not cheap at all, but in Cambodia it is cheap).

I think there are lots of very expensive places to live in the US. There are also some that aren’t bad. Of course, wages also tend to be higher in the more costly places and lower in the less expensive areas, but that’s just a generalization.

My family doesn’t make a lot of money, but it’s cheaper for me to live here than it would be to live in some of the places I’d like to live. I also don’t need some luxuries that some people feel they must have. I could live much cheaper in parts of South America, in India, in Mexico, etc. and have more luxuries. I just don’t have a reason to move to those places. I’d love to live in the Netherlands or Switzerland but I’ve been to both and I couldn’t afford it now. It all depends on what you see as expensive. :slight_smile: