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Disgruntle Seller -- Your Thoughts

16 days ago I closed out a gig with a buyer. From his indication he seems happy with my service. THEN today I get a IM stating he demands his money back I didn’t do my job correctly. I explained to him that he should have discussed it when I submitted – he would not listen to reason and now has left feedback as that I am a scam artist – I’m sorry I am not a scam artist - I am a Level 2 seller that has completed over 200+ reviews. I feel like he was holding my feedback over my head to get free services. Has someone else experienced this - why should I let one crazy damage my high rankings? Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated

I would take screenshots of the conversation and submit them to CS to look at.

Hi suzie2672; I am a buyer, been with fiverr for about 3 years, MANY orders. Unfortunately there will always be a wonker who is just, well, a wonker! The absolute VALUE you sellers provide to internet marketers is massive. As misscrystal suggests, take a screenshot nad smack this idjit upside his silly head with it. Best of luck!

Thank you he was definitely out to leave me negative feedback. Thanks for listening

Sucks that the guy is being such a jackwagon, but if I were in your position I’d have refunded the order, sent him on his way, and refused any similar work from no-name buyers. Because, let’s face it: some sellers are jackwagons and if you don’t offer a refund on your terms, the buyer will probably leave a negative review and still do a chargeback via PayPal - leaving you stuck with the review and still no money. It’s not a happy solution - after all, you did work and you deserve to get paid for it - but crank customers are a part of doing business. Minimize your exposure to theft (because that’s what it is) and keep on trucking.