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Disgusting and shocking


I have just received the most disgusting reply from someone who claimed they could design a logo for a T shirt for me, Because I asked for revisions he clearly can NOT cope with, he sent a rude and disgusting picture and message to me! And I paid for that! I want a refund from this clown calling himself **********
I am shocked and offended!
Mod Note: Calling out another user in this way is not allowed on the forum regardless of the circumstances. I suggest you contact Customer Support regarding this incident immediately.


I think CS would be the place to go!


I have submitted a complaint to them.
I just want people to see what this person has done and maybe avoid him.


Naming a seller is against the forum T&C - I suggest you take the name out and remove or edit the image.


Horrible. I hope this guy gets banned. Disgusting indeed.


I dunno whether to cry or whether to laugh… ill do both here: :joy:


I think in this instance it is only right to show how terrible people are and name and shame them


Laugh all you like. I would like to have a refund please, how do I go about it?


What they did was wrong, but you’ve got to stick to the T&C - sorry.


I have done
I am so angry



Thanks, is that on a mobile app? I don’t have the app if it is.


No that is on the DESKTOP version.
Go onto the ORDER page, it should be on the top right hand side, can’t miss it.


@ashtead123 and don’t forget to make sure you talk things with customer support. Seems like that kind of seller has no place here.


I’m sorry, I can’t see an option for ORDER page.


Ok, I found it, but it only gives me an option to message him!


Submit a request with customer support.

Edit: I see you have already done so. I am really sorry this happened to you. I am just speechless!


I see now why I didn’t get that bid. My quote was for $7,698.00. :slight_smile:

We need to protect the experiences on Fiverr. Fiverr should be the best people you ever work with. CS can handle it.


I’m in shock, I really am


I understand,I’m sorry