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Disgusting buyer request section. Fake requests

There are some Disgusting sellers making the Fiverr marketplace a scam.

What do they do?

They post requests which they are already experts in. For example, You’re a graphic designer. Posting >. hey I need a designer, who can design a logo for me budget: $500.

What they actually want?

I saw most of them are new sellers and also leveled sellers too. New sellers 80% and leveled sellers 20%. Yes, you’re allowed to use buyer requests. I have seen so many users in the last 6 months, also I remember those names they are a scammer. Even posting 6-7 requests per day !! Really ???

Now you may ask me why you say them scammer?

Come On !! That user whom I called scammer, I’m looking their posts every day! A person or business must not come with a new 5-6 idea per day. Also, I have seen them for the last 6 months !! Like they have 0 Feedback. They are wasting our valuable requests !!!

What is the benefit of doing this thing?

If you want to market your gigs on social media and whatever Fiverr allows doing marketing of your gigs !!

Why why why?

New sellers making the buyer section a spamming section. I don’t even apply now. Every day believes me. I go to the buyer request section with a new hope today it will be fixed. But same and same from last 6 months.

Fiverr should take a step against it.


I have already posted the same types of things few days ago…

The thing fiverr can do is, they can add a REPORT option & Should also Show the NAMES of the People who are posting. This will help us to report the fake requests and it will be easy for fiverr to WARN them.

Asking for Names because Most of the people do this and we the seller knows well who are sending fake requests as because sometimes we can identify the scammer by their names.

So I hope someday Fiverr will add this 2 options on Buyer Request Section.

Thank you.


same here.You’re correct. We can

Fiverr should look into this. This is a marketplace to help people, not getting rich or doing scamming. Thanks, @mdomor288

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I hope someday Fiverr will take steps in this one too.

Be Positive…


I saw a BR yesterday that made me want to puke.

The Buyer wanted 2,500 words per day, 5-days a week on topics that were described as “easy to write about.”

That’s 12,500 words a week or 50,000 words a month.

Even if the writer is getting paid the bargain basement price of .02 cents per word, that’s $1,000 per month.

Not bad for a beginner.

However, the Buyer in the BR was offering a flat monthly rate that was far less than half that amount.

Sadly, the Buyer had several offers.


Please follow my post. Yes it’s a great offer. But how do you know , it’s a scam you have to apply on it. In average , I found 25-40 requests per day to apply. I realize 30 of them scam and 10 are genuine. You may seen genuine or scam one. You can only realize when you apply on that.

I have applied more than 2000 BR. So I have a vast realization.:grinning: Some offers are very attractive. But finish with a chat with other seller from fiverr. Who already offering the service. Hope you got my point.

Thanks for your valuable comment :blush:


I understood your post.

I am a professional freelance writer.

I was sharing my insight.

It just so happens that I came across a really cheap BR yesterday and it tied into your post.

That’s all.


Thanks. Happy freelancing. Hope you get some great buyers😊. Thanks again.


well said, You are right


You need to remove the name of the continent from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.


Already removed. Thanks.


I saw someone looking for… I think 90 thousand words for $75. Has to be finished / edited in ten days. I’m pretty sure that they had several replies, too.
What I always consider is that to some people even ten bucks are a lot - but that doesn’t make it okay to exploit people.
( That being said I don’t take BR seriously anymore. It’s difficult for me to do so after seeing it from both sides!)

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I’ve NEVER responded to a BR.

The rates are insulting.

But you are right, there are some Sellers out there where ten bucks is a lot of money.

That’s the sad part.

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report this account :blush:

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just now…

I was feeling the same thing about BR from last few days… My doubts comes true after seeing your Topic… Yes I saw too, some buyers are scamming in BR. Fiverr must take some action about it… :frowning:

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:expressionless: What !!! Just what?? How can he post it.