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Disgusting hoop-jumping for support

It was bound to happen eventually, but I finally got my first “I don’t like it - do more.” My professional response was that I had fulfilled my obligations according to my published gig description. Their reply: “CANCEL!”. I denied the request and proceeded to submit a Customer Support ticket.

What a load of malarkey. There isn’t even a “gig ticket category” for unjustified, buyer cancellation requests.

I would love any advice from the TRS’s et al, who always say not to accept cancellations when you have completed the work - often citing that the Fivver ToS states that a buyer can’t refuse to pay just because they don’t like the deliverables. How does that work? What needs to be done to get Fiverr to insure the seller (me!) gets their rightful payment?

I’d love to have advice before I get the support email telling me to work it out with the buyer. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m not seeing any replies here whereas there were several prior to the Forum “uprade”.

I clicked a post last night right after the change and got sent to a “this post is under review” page, so I think they may be moderating more heavily now.

On the post about the update, the forum moderators said that the most of the comments haven’t been imported yet.

This just happened to me two days ago, and it happened a few times already. I am sick of giving free work to clients, because the only option of dispute on Fiverr is to cancel the order. Fiverr really needs to find a way to cover the sellers, not only buyers.

I have been saying this same thing so many times. Buyers are fully covered. But sellers are yet at the mercy of buyers. I too have had a buyer come back 30 days after a delivery and request work they THOUGHT they should be entitled to for free. Thankfully CS respected the after 30 day rule and allowed me to keep my well earned finances this time. But we need more done to ensure sellers who earned their money, doesn’t end up giving away work for free.

My favourite response from a buyer after daily reminders that they need to order a gig extra (etc etc, ignored, still being ignored, but obviously acknowledged…)

EDIT: There was meant to be an attachment but it’s not working? It was PNG if that helps. I’ll chalk this up to teething problems as we roll on to v-1.0

Especially if the buyer is being belligerent, I deny their request for cancellation and cite the TOS specifically: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.” Usually I’ll add something like, “I’m sorry the (whatever) was not what you expected, but I did the best with the instructions provided to me.”

If they continue to push through cancellation request after cancellation request (or modification request after modification request), I just send the cancellation rejection or delivery with the same message over and over, usually because the buyer is just frothing at the mouth by that point, and I don’t really have emotional time to go back and forth with people who are going to be unreasonable over a few bucks, and once I’ve explained myself once, there’s no need to rephrase it and rephrase it.

That, of course, doesn’t prevent the buyer from going straight to CS, who may simply cancel the order because their focus is on retaining customers (there’s nothing wrong with that, it just sometimes leaves their most loyal and dedicated sellers SOL). But hey, even if that happens, you stood your ground and fought for yourself, which I think is pretty important. I feel like there’s not much that you can do to ensure that CS doesn’t cancel this order.

EDIT: I don’t know if it’s very helpful to open a ticket just to give them a heads up that a buyer might contact them about cancelling an order and that you don’t feel it should be cancelled, because of (insert TOS here). I dunno, maybe it is. I would like to believe that CS actually reviews the situation before they just cancel the order, but they’re probably too busy to give any situation the time it deserves, so maybe it would help just to voice your side of the story if you’re pretty sure the buyer is going to take the situation to CS.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion/thoughts on the matter.

That also happened to me, unfortunately now my rate is 99% and got 0 ZERO help from cutover support about the issue and unfair negative feedback!

You could push the issue and maybe get paid. What you really have to decide is whether the money is worth a guaranteed negative review or not.

Thanks for pointing that out! The feedback had slipped my mind.

If it comes to pass, I’ll just respond well and hope that any future buyers will actually read both sides. At this point, the principal of the buyer fulfilling their obligation is worth more to me than the slightly better chance of getting more buyers.

My gigs are just too straightforward to ‘excuse’ a buyer. I offer two “suggestions” for $5, “no revisions”. There should never be a modification request like ‘meh, not what I had in mind, send more’.

I’m sure there are sellers who would say that was a perfect opportunity to upsell the gig extra for an additional three suggestions, but my years of experience tell me that trying to match what’s in someone’s mind when you’ve already given them really strong solutions, is going to take a load more time and effort than an extra $5 buys - especially when their opening line is how they’ve wracked (or racked, if you prefer) their brains and couldn’t come up with anything!

If a person does not know what they want, it takes luck or divine intervention to satisfy them. And I’m not taking the time to keep flinging stuff to see what serendipitously sticks.

It’s funny how $5 can be huge or worthless depending on the situation. :slight_smile:

itsyourthing said: I had been hoping that there would be a change to policy that after so long, or x amount of successful orders, a seller could get back to 100%
You certainly can go back to 100%, but you'll need to have many 5-star reviews. If you check some TRS profiles, some of them have 100% , but not all of their ratings are five stars. I think that anything higher than 99.5 rounds to 100%.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I just did that, then the buyer left a negative feedback and I updated the ticket to ask CS to remove it. Never got the answer.

In my experiences, they’re more responsive when a buyer reporting a seller, not the other way around.
If anything, informing them upfront might make it even worse. I read a case where a seller reported that they couldn’t attach files in their delivery, so they have to deliver blank and send files via message system.
An abusive buyer cancelled the order after they got the files ( for a stupid reason), when the seller reported this to CS, CS agreed that the "stupid reason " is stupid, but still cancel the order because it’s blank delivery.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Thanks for the input!

I’m pretty certain that CS is going to cancel the order, 'cause that’s how they do. I’m far from one of their big earners, so no need to keep me sweet. But it was such a simple gig and I completed it to the letter, I can’t help but hope they’ll tell the buyer to suck it up and pay the $5. :slight_smile:

It’s just extra annoying that the buyer said it wasn’t what they had in mind. Well then, why didn’t they just use what they had in mind instead of bugging me?!?!

Anyway, I guess I’ll see what happens.

Reply to @solow13: My rating went down to 98% over one belligerent buyer not long after I started here. It’s been back up to 99% for ages.

I had been hoping that there would be a change to policy that after so long, or x amount of successful orders, a seller could get back to 100%. I know it doesn’t make mathematical sense, but there are sellers here who have thousands of perfect transactions and 1 bad one, that will never have that magic “100” again.

They could do something like Amazon where the ratings cover time periods: Seller So-and-So has a 100% rating over the previous 6 months, 99% over the past year…" That would complicate things, and each period could still be ruined by one crappy buyer, but at least it would be easier to rebound.