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Dishonest Customer

I had an order last month which was about 11 design request from a customer. He wanted to approve each design and proceed to next step one by one. And his avrage response time was 3-4 days.first few designs he completely asked for redesigns and i have done that also … 3 times i did complete redesign. He didnot respond for few days and the order got completed.And he gave a negative review. I tried to convince him saying what happened and delived few designs and he accepted those. now he s having those files and the background files also. I was waiting for the incormation/ content for the next design and now customer is asking order cancellation and is blaming me for the order completion and late delivery. I had always on time and i dont know what should i do. I approached the support team and they are asking to talk to customer and resolve the issue. My revenue withdrawal is paused due to this issue… now its almost 14th day.

Customer responds once in 4 days and he is currently blaming me. Currently i am really frustrated, i have all the proofs to prove that i am on the right side… If i agree to cancel the order am i eligible for compensation? Can anyone give an advise for this issue?

I don’t really have much to say except that it is good to be hungry for jobs, but one is too desperate to take some jobs and risks which some buyers are not worth, they tend to abuse commitment.

I suggest you cancel the order as it seems like nothing good can come out of it, contact customer service on the matter and if that doesn’t remove the negative review, just work hard and smart to cover up for the loss.

Thank you for your response… :slight_smile:

I will suggest you to get the order cancelled. Let the buyer be happy by not paying for someone’s hardwork. At this point there is nothing you can do but move on.

Thank you rahul for your valuable response :slight_smile:

This happened to me. I sent customer support screen shots of the buyer’s very slow communication and shots of how I was trying to contact buyer every day, several times a day.

Eventually, customer support did remove the negative feedback, but there was nothing to get the buyer to pay for the files I sent.

Now, when a buyer wants to approve the work as we go, I have “sample” written over the image so it makes it difficult to steal. And I tell buyers upfront before gig starts that if I need to be in constant communication, they must agree to check their Fiverr msg at least once a day to respond to my questions and/or approve work.

Not a fun situation, but try to look forward.
All the best,