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Dishonest Sellers

Hi I feel like I got ripped off is there anywhere I can complain to Fiverr to get a full refund or at least stop the seller from ripping off other customers?

I bought a gig where my business is mentioned in a travel blog (Normally $5). I agreed to pay around $55 for an article about what to do in my area where my business is mentioned creating a natural backlink to my website. The article was very well written so I tipped the seller $9 making the total $64.

I gave the seller a 5* review. Here is the problem a month after the gig the seller totally removed the article from their travel blog, in their gig they promise lifetime access even through their archive. Articles that are allot older are still on their blog.

So basically I paid $64 to appear on their blog for a week or 2 (I just noticed now (a month later) the article is gone so maybe it was removed even after the first week).

Any advice what I shall do and if fiverr has any mechanism to handle cases like this?


Have you contacted the seller?

Well can’t help you with your problem, but you have a very adorable kid in that photo :slight_smile:

You should ask the seller why they took it down and request a refund. If they dont answer or refuse contact customer support.

I remember one of Fiverr’s Terms of Service rules saying something along the lines of: “Issues that occur outside of Fiverr between a buyer and a seller are not our responsibility”. I am unsure if something like this, since the transaction occurred on Fiverr, applies to that.

I would still try to contact Customer Service anyway.

I think if there is proper evidence that the seller has mentioned your article will be online for a lifetime , then you can compile a complain to the customer support, but if it has taken more than 3 weeks, (maybe less) you are most likely not get a refund cos the money is already cleared to the seller. But still you will be able to get your article republished.

I did contact the seller but they ignored me for about a week. Fiverr said all they can do is take down the review but wont let me write another review. About the refund they said all i can do is plead with the seller to put the article up again.

The seller eventually replied after realising i was not going to just go away.They eventually replied by saying sorry your article is up again.

Here is the problem , Fiverr should let me write another review to warn other buyers. This seller obviously does this to all buyers after one month knowing that there is nothing they can do. Because of this experience I wont tip for gigs like this in the future . I will also pay the minimum or mostly $5 for most gigs in the future, I wont risk paying more than $50 again knowing after a month the seller can basically do what they want to without any consequences.

Unfortunately sellers like this spoil this website and bring down the quality for honest sellers.

I don’t see why for long term projects a modifying a review is not possible other than protecting dishonest sellers.

I thought that offering a service that takes more than 30 days to perform is forbidden. Have the rules changed, or is the seller breaking them by “offering” lifetime access?

Fiverr needs to set up a direct complaints procedure for sellers who request to deal outside of Fiverr and sellers who send images as their own when they have just been on google image search

Within hours of posting that another seller attached an image with their email address and me to contact them there and wanted hundreds of $.
I told them it was against Fiverr’s terms and conditions

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Sellers with 10-20 back to back reviews from the same person.
What is going on there?

2 possibilities:

  1. review ring–not to be trusted and verboten under Fiverr TOS
  2. genuine–maybe the buyer doesn’t know about multiple gigs/a lot of gigs were ordered with few others in between

Usually the first, though. Especially if nobody else has reviewed the person.

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