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How ideal it would be to live in a world without dishonesty, sadly that is not the case. Imagine a buyer (repeat buyer, 8th order) places an order and wants it done by the end of the night, which at his time of stating it, was about evening time. He purchased from main page, the low resolution version for $5 and adds extra fast delivery, then asks how much extra to get it by tonight. I replied, he accepted the offer, I got to work and delivered, now after delivery he says cant use it, needs to be 4k, wants to know how come he paid more than $5 for something less. I am here now perplexed, told him he paid for the extra fast delivery not resolution. He then replies how, he never said he wanted it in that timeframe. I scroll up, reread to see if I messed up and didn’t, pasted it and showed him. He said oh, no he meant he wants a reply by tonight. So straight off starts lying. This time, in his previous order, he purchased the HD option on his own. Some people are just so nasty and dishonest, so now he harasses me for a refund lol.

Customer Support should help you out here. I’ve had similar buyers who think that paying for extra fast also means I throw in a bunch of extras. No, mate. I just write whatever you paid for, extra fast. One way to really enrage them is to then tack on a custom offer. Cool meltdown, bro!