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Displacement on the Fiverr search engine

Hey guys,

Recently, I had it hot with a buyer. Who after I had finished working on her order, she requested for a refund upon delivery that she is completely dissatisfied with the quality. However, I declined her request considering the amount of time I had invested in her project and I was happy to offer her a total redesign but she insisted on a refund. It turned out that she started insulting me and saying that if I don’t offer her a refund, she will go to her bank and she will get her refund anyway.

I took this issue to the Fiverr CS and they mentioned that they have forwarded the buyer to their trust and safety team.

Here is what I noticed shortly after this:
I noticed my gig moved from the first page to the 15th page, close to the end of the search. I am now wondering if it was as a result of the issue with this buyer or may be due to the recent cancellations? Now, my order completion rate is only 96% after 3 cancellations this month.

For sellers who have experienced such kind of displacement in the search engine, how long does it take for things to return back to normal? Maybe a ballpark? or could this be due to the large number of orders in the queue? Just thinking out loud.

I appreciate your input on this guys.



Did you agree on the order page to cancel? Or did customer support cancel. And this caused your completion rate to go down? I’m wondering about the details.

So now your completion rate is 96%…What was it before?

Thanks, @misscrystal for your concern.

My order completion rate was 100% at the start of June, after the first cancellation, it went to 99%, and then 98% after the second, after the third cancellation it further went down to 97% and then 96% right now.

I refused to cancel with the last buyer since she refused to state what was the issue wrong with the order or provide exact designs she has in mind, I felt she wanted to take my work for free. In general, she was rude. The order completed successfully and no cancellation on the order so far but I believe she will still do a chargeback later on.

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Thank you for adding the details. It sounds like when it dropped to 96% that may have triggered your gig moving to the 15th page. I doubt if simply going to CS about the more recent problem would have caused it. Hopefully it will bounce back up soon, maybe when your completion rate goes up, but I’m not sure how that works.

I’m sorry this happened to you! I’m glad you refused the cancellation request!


Thank you @misscrystal, I appreciate your insights on this issue.

But it was on 96% for a week before I met this buyer and last 2 months, I had cancellations and I dropped sequentially from 100% to 94% at each cancellation without any displacement on the search engine.

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Oh I see! hmm, let me think about this. This puts it in a new light.

I wonder if the buyer contacted CS. Did she leave a review?

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I have a feeling they did this manually. I am just afraid if it will bounce back or not. I am also thinking it might be due to the large number of orders in queue but I have seen sellers with upto 98 orders and more. I am quite confused as to what happened.

I am not sure the buyer contacted CS, I was in touch with CS throughout the event and forwarded screenshots of her impolite behaviour. The buyer did not leave any review. Her last message was that she will get to the bank to get her money back.

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And she did not mention any definite reason to want a refund? This is surprising. I saw your gig on the last page. I am putting on my thinking cap.
Was she a top rated buyer?

You could try asking CS why it happened although they may not tell you.

Your video says “I will not rest until you are completely satisfied”. I think that statement needs to be removed. Things like that can definitely affect your placement. It might be what did it. I don’t know but they do take everything very literally.

It might be they noticed something else about the gig not related to what happened. I was just guessing about that of course. It could be anything and you might get a clue if you ask CS.

She did not mention one reason she wanted to cancel. If she did and explain well. I am always happy to offer a refund. And I was ready to offer her a total redesign from a different point of view. It was very strange.

The buyer’s account was created this June, and that was my main fear I did not want to accept her order, and she was a bit impolite from the start, but I still decide to give her a try. Unfortunately, this did not turn out well.

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You never know when it happens. The best tip is to avoid cancellations at any cost.
As I have noticed, if you cancel many orders in a row (or deliver them late), you get punished (by sending all your gigs to the end of the list).
It happens automatically and CS won’t do anything to change it.
Usually it won’t take too long if your stats are not terrible. From my expereince with around 6 sellers here, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to recover. If your stats are too low, it can take even a couple of months.
Please also note that the position of the gigs will be updated on Monday (at around 12-13:00, GMT).


Yes, I will not rest, and that was why I was happy to offer a total redesign but she wanted a full refund without any definite reason or whatsoever. It was completely out of my power. I can take the video down if that’s an issue. I have asked CS and first they told me everything was okay. I waited and sent another message after 2 days and I got this generic response:

I understand your concerns regarding your Gig placement.

Please keep in mind that Fiverr is constantly making changes to improve the buying and selling experience on our site. We want buyers to find the best sellers for their specific needs. Because of this, Gigs will rotate. and we are not able to guarantee that your Gig will remain in the same position. Many other sellers “compete” for the same location within our search. If another seller is performing better that you, their Gig may appear higher in search results.

We use an algorithm, which takes into account multiple factors. Ratings and number of orders completed are just some of the factors we take into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose certain criteria for our search engine, as this information is proprietary.

However, here are some of the things that can help you in receiving the best possible search position.

  • Provide high quality service
  • Deliver on time
  • Avoid unnecessary cancellations
  • Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
  • Adhere to our Terms of Service

It could be they didn’t like all the various things you do listed in the title and a disclaimer on your gig that the gig does not include all those things in one order. It could be anything. I think they noticed something probably, based on what you told me.

Thank you very much for this deep insights. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Do you recommend I remove the video? What else do you see?

Thanks so much @misscrystal

It’s hard to figure out without even a hint of what is wrong. I had something similar happen a long time ago. It was my best selling gig, and it was extremely popular with lots of 5 star reviews no bad reviews, everything was perfect.

I changed the photo and suddenly it popped back up on the first page.
It had been on the last page for a year, after being on the first page, first line.

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Looks like an idea. I am trying hard to finish the orders at hand before I start trying various things.

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I believe they moved the Gig manually. I cancelled three orders in a month and its the third month my top selling Gig is on page 37. I was on the 1st page, in the first three slots.


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@shokatalam Had you contacted customer support for any of the three cancellations?

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This is just a (speculative) theory that I have: what I can gather from the hundreds of posts on the forum about gigs SUDDENLY getting displaced to the 10th page/15th page/etc is that Fiverr doesn’t seem to modulate gigs’ ranks very smoothly. There’s no gradual decline in gigs’ ranks… Often, whenever there’s a change in a gig’s rank, it is drastic/sudden.

It is not like when your order completion % (OCR) falls to 99%, your gig is on the 2nd page and when your OCR falls to 98%, your gig is on the 4th page, and when your OCR drops to 96%, your gig is on the 8th page… you get the point.

I believe that Fiverr patiently wait before taking any action to see if the seller is able to get their stats back to 100%. Once the wait is over, BAM! You will suddenly find your gig on the 10th or 15th page.

Conversely, I have also come across posts where sellers claim to see a drop in their gig’s rank despite having all their stats at 100%. So, sometimes, it can be very difficult to pinpoint a specific reason/logic. I wouldn’t worry too much about the gig’s position right now as it is very dynamic (it can change quickly!), and I think the best thing to do would be to focus on getting your stats back to 100%. :slight_smile:

I hope that you are soon able to get your stats back to 100% and that your gig gets back on the first page. :+1:

Here’s to wishing you the best! :pineapple: :


Yes, I did and they sent the same message you posted above.