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Display Due Date and Time on Orders


Please fiverr,

I’ve requested this a number of times via support - but thought I’d add it here…

For sellers, as well as posting the countdown timer, which is useful of course, could you PLEASE add the actual due date and time (local to the seller) - so that we know the exact due date - instead of having to work it out.

It can take a decent amount of time working through dozens of orders to figure out if “I need to do this one today” - “I can leave this one until the morning” “I have to get all these done before I visit my family” etc etc.

Organising the gigs by due date in the to do list, into sections for each day, for example would be a bonus, too!




I totally agree; as a long-time eBay user, I find having the exacts is a lot more helpful than just a countdown.

And in a place such as this, where one’s ranking can go down due to tardiness, I daresay it’s vital, especially when on has a lot of orders on-hand.


Good idea


Especially needed on the app as the timer does not show there.


I’m happy to work in hours (I know it can get confusing for aliens using VPN to look as if they’re from Earth and who’s days aren’t 24 hours long though, so I see your point.) But I change timezones occasionally so I don’t want to worry about whether Fiverr’s reporting in my old timezone or my new one.

Something on the app would be hella useful though.



What an embarrassing reply to a utterly reasonable request.


Please do not take this the wrong way, but you being a TRS, I would assume you know about this already:
-> Selling
-> Manage Sales

Please note: Buyer names are IMAGINARY


Please don’t take this the wrong way - but where is the TIME?


Embarrassed yourself again.

Oh dear.


Yes, true, the :clock1: is not included there.
But I am sure, they might have felt it was a redundant requirement, since a time clock was included already.

I understand you would like a TIME STAMP along with a date.

But think of Fiverr’s thought process of the already implemented features.

Suppose in the above example my Due date is: April 07.
On the day of or before April 7, all I would need to know is HOW MUCH TIME is left for me to complete delivery at THIS DATE.

I would visit the order page, and that would tell me. X hours Y minutes Z seconds.

But what you are requesting is, April 07 - 18:47 pm due.

Then I would have to calculate the hours-minutes-seconds to deadline anyway right?
Since Fiverr ALREADY does the calculation for me, what is the point of stating a functional end time anyways?

Hope I made sense… :thinking:


For those who can only deliver orders at certain times of the day - perhaps they have a day job - I fail to see how this isn’t a reasonable request on a forum.

And quite why fellow fiver members are treating it with such disdain (not you) is quite disappointing.

Its merely a request, afterall.


I agree with you. I would love to have an actual date and time stamp on an order.


I think the point of it, is making it easier to merge real life activities with fiverr delivery times.
when I look at a countdown clock, I always make connections as to what actual time i need to have my act together by. I think by having a time and date already in front of me, it just makes it easier to plan life out. This isn’t a necessary feature by the way, just helpful for those taking a quick glance at orders and subsequently planning their life out.


Completely understand Leah.

I am not arguing about the validity of this suggestion, merely shedding a point of view, since I have knowledge on back-end implementation of web technologies.

I would write more, such as actual implementation issues, server-host synchronicity risks, etc, but that would mean I am representing Fiverr, which I am obviously not… lol

Peace :v:


I find it extremely helpful on the mobile app having the ability to actually request a notification 12 hours prior to the delivery time. Additionally, you can add it to your calendar. For those of you unaware of this I suggest checking it out!

:bulb: Joe