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Display my gig please

why my gig is not displaying ?


How do you know that?


Hey Hello, @mahiakhter can you drop your GIG link.

Hello there @mahiakhter, how are you doing? I see you have been a member on Fiverr since March 2017? How come you let it wait so long for help? I see you’ve made huge mistakes in your Gig Packages?

Your basic package: 5 words for $9 ?? Maybe you meant 500-word count for $9? Why not $5 for 500 words to start with and gradually increase your price when you have clients and good reviews?

And what about, ‘‘This basic package included free sample?’’ What free sample? Please explain to us what you mean with Free Samples??

Standard Package: $15 for 7 words??? What are you saying?? And what do you mean with, ‘‘This “creative package” included creative material for reader’’?? What creative Material???

Here your word count should be at least 1000-1500

Premium Package: Back again from 7 words to 5 words for $20??? And what do you mean with,
’‘This super package included unique words.’’ What unique words, how many unique words.

You should at least offer 1500 to 2500 words for this price??

Sorry if you’re a writer than you should be able to understand what huge mistakes you’ve done since joining Fiverr 2 years ago??? No wonder you don’t have any sells??

In a way, I feel such a pity for you, but you only have yourself to blame for this. Also, your images look very unprofessional and as if you have copied those from the internet. Be creative and create your own images.

Your Tags: Overview,

But what about 4 more Tags that are related to your gig??? Tags are your keywords and therefore very important to use them accordingly to the gig you offer.

Sorry, I sound negative but in a way you made me see you as a person who’s not at all passionate about writing articles. Maybe you should do something else that you’re truly passionate about.

Wish you all the best of luck!!

Kindly, Humberto


Thankyou so much Humberto for highlighting my mistakes . I joined fiverr long ago but now i start using it again. I had some difficulty in understanding pricing which you had made easy…Can you please help me further by reviewing my gig ?Is that ok now?

@mahiakhter I agree with @hum_on_the_go

Your profile created in 2017. If you don’t have any reviews I suggest you delete this account and create it again. This is my personal experience as I had an account created in 2016 but it was inactive and when I started to do an activity in 2019 - that was impossible, who wants to order a gig from the seller who has no reviews in a 2-year time frame?

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thanks for precious suggestion … yes you are right i should change my account…

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Amen!! :pray: so true!! :rofl:

Before you create your new account, be sure to close your current account and also contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and get their permission. If you do not do that, chances are Fiverr might remove any new accounts you make.

Good luck! :sunny:

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