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Display wrong review

  1. I am facing a new problem with Fiverr. Today I successfully complete my first order and got a 5-star review but my seller dashboard review, mobile apps review, and the analytic page review shows N/A.
    Seller Dashboard Fiverr _ defconteam _ Analytics

  2. One more problem My order does not count on the gigs page.

  3. confused: then I went to my profile to see, but in there it shows my reviews correctly?

Can anyone tell me what kind of problem it is? I’m a little afraid.

@defconteam Please wait 24 hours. Then update your profile. No problem.

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Thank you very much for your reply :heart_eyes:

Last couple of days i’m having the same issue. On my dashboard Rating shows N/A though I completed Two orders with Five Star Reviews.

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It must be a glitch or a bug. It’ll probably be fixed soon!