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Displaying company name in gig primary picture!


Is displaying company name in gig’s primary picture of photo gallery permissible? All the transaction and orders will go through fiverr, the purpose to showing the company name is just to show client that we’re authentic as we provide servers hosting so client needs to feel protected before renting web hosting.

Other than that, company name will not be mentioned anywhere in description or FAQs of that specific gig.


Why would you want to do that? People want to see a picture of you. They aren’t going to think you’re more credible because you have a Fiverr logo overlay on your photo.

The fiverr logo will not add authenticity to your gig. You need credibility and proof rather than an overlay. Good luck

Sounds to me like it’s not about the Fiverr Logo but their actual company’s logo?


Considering you’re not allowed to mention off-Fiverr stuff here, I really think that’s trying to circumvent the rules in a big way. No, you cannot do that.