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Displaying my GIG in the category


I have created a GIG and even when I filter with price, online sellers, category, etc. to reach it, I can’t find it displayed near the rest.
I found this:

But it’s like somebody is mocking you, those options doesn’t even exists in the menu.


Hi there,
The search has been undergoing testing for a while:

The promoting your gig feature is only available to some sellers - Fiverr picks which gigs, if any, it wants to offer you promotion for.

Hope this helps!


thanks for the answer but that’s 1 month old and still testing?
And it’s a difference between “placing the best gigs” and not showing my gig at all.
Why would I bother then to create gigs?


It’s been going on for a while now.

As regards showing your gig in any search, Fiverr don’t actually promise to show your gig at all, but obviously as you get reviews etc. your gigs may start to show.

Have you tried buyer requests to get a bit on initial momentum?


That sounds ridicilous to me, not you, but the fact. I think anyone would want their gig to be found in the search no matter if it would be in the last page. :disappointed_relieved:


Not everyone can be on first page. Someone has to be last, it’s just the way it is


That´s not what I meant. I understand anyone could be the last. But to not be found at all, that´s what I meant by ridicilous.


If you aren’t anywhere in search then contact customer service


The matter is that you are right.
If Gig is not visible at all => CSupport => sorted this a few times for me.


Here’s a previous discussion about gigs not being shown - if you search for ‘editorial focus’ you may find some more useful info. Not related to any particular gig BTW - just for info. :slight_smile:


I’ve opened a tick with them, my gig shows in search, but does not appear in it’s category, I wrote them that, they didn’t replied.


So I’ve opened another ticket with screenshots, my gig shows in search but when I navigate to " Programming & Tech / WordPress / Help/Consultation " and apply the filter “Show Online Sellers” my gig disappears, although I am online of course. Unless I am retarded and I need a satisfying answer from you, not from the support, because they don’t take me serious, why should they? I am just an unhappy seller who doesn’t sees his gig in the category when he tries to find it under online sellers when he’s online. Can you verify your gigs with filters guys to see if that happens to you when you filter it through online sellers? Thanks.