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Dispute and evolution

A buyer placed order directly on my gig without submitting requirements and now he wants me to cancel the order. The delivery date is 18 Feb. He already opened a dispute. If I cancelled the order my cancellation rate will got decreased which I don’t want because I’m going to become level 2. Should I accept his offer to mutually cancel the order or I should wait for the evolution?


ask the reason for cancellation, if it is a silly reason like ordered by mistake, you should contact support and they would fix the completion rate.


What if i wait for evolution and cancel the order after evolution? Will i get promoted?

Let the evaluation day pass and accept the cancellation if there seems to be no solution.

Next is to get 9 new jobs to cancel out the effect before the next evaluation date.

Alhamdulillah I got Level 2 and cancelled the order with the help of customer support and My completion rate didn’t get affected with the cancellation