Dispute Button grrrrr!


I bought a gig, the chap had some delays and asked me to extend the time - I searched but couldn’t see a way of doing this!

Now there is a dispute (I haven’t clicked anything) and it says the order will be cancelled in 2 days if I don’t respond. I have responded to the messages and it hasn’t changed. He has sent me a rough copy of my logo (the gig) and has asked me to cancel the dispute before he sends logo. Everytime I click on the word View Dispute (green buttom at top) nothing happens.

Please help.



Click on the resolve now button on the right side of the order page and click on other = extend the delivery time.

I’m on a smartphone, sorry I can’t send you screenshots.

Best of luck.


contact customer support


It sounds like the seller did what @thecreativeguys said. This gives a “DISPUTE” message, even though it is just a simple request for extra time!
In this case, you can accept the “DISPUTE” to allow the extra time you agreed to. Scroll down the order til you see the red text and you will see the option to accept. Do check what it says, make sure you agree with what the dispute says though - it should just say something about extending the delivery time.
All orders have a countdown deadline and delivering “Late” is not good so that is the reason for the dispute.


I click the green dispute button but nothing happens.

Am I in the wrong place?


You’ve requested a refund from the seller. Cancel it to continue to work with the seller.


No, he couldnt have requested a cancellation. It is saying HE must respond.
I know it sounds silly but try refreshing your page.

You should see this Dispute somewhere in that page and be able to respond.


Certainly have not requested a refund. Tried refreshing a million times, tried on different browsers (Mozilla, Edge, Internet Explorer and Chrome) Originally started this polava in work on their computers. Im going to bed now, The nice seller has said he has contacted support so hopefully it will be resolved. Thanks all for your messages x :slight_smile:


That page indicates that the seller requested a refund for your purchase. If this isn’t the case, support will surely help. Good evening/night!


Hopefully Customer Support can fix it!


Same thing happened to me last week. I didnt contact support, luckily when I logged in the next morning it was resolved.