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Dispute for canceled order (Fiverr does not support the seller)

Good morning this is my first post in this section of Fiverr, the truth is that I come with a sour taste. On November 12, a client requested my services, I sent him the design, then he asked me for corrections and he never contacted me again, but it was sporadically connected. I requested the cancellation of the order … 48 hours passed (that is, the client did not even have the will to cancel the order) and the order was canceled automatically but I lost 12 points in the “order completion” bar. I find it something very annoying if the offender was the client and not me. What do you recommend me to do? Has anyone else been through this? I wrote to fiverr support from 14 and still does not respond


That’s is common problem from new seller. You just need to wait for the client to respond, you DON’T need to cancel the order ( who ask you to cancel the order) . Maybe the client is just busy.
And once you deliver the order, it will auto mark as complete after 3 days.

I dont see any reason, why you cancel your order. Because buyer dont reply, you want to cancel the order? Then you just giving your design for free !


If by that you mean that he put your order into revision mode, but didn’t specify what needs to be changed, I’d say you should have waited.
Maybe send him a reminder or two a few days later, but there was no reason to cancel (yet). There is no time limit on revisions. And there is a whole bunch of more or less legit reasons for your buyer to take some extra time to deal with it.
Having a pending order (and therefore pending funds, which you are entitled to get) is definitely annoying and also somewhat stressful, because it surely can look like a scam attempt, but it could turn out fine eventually.

Just an example from experience here: one of my buyers asked for a revision, but never mentioned what he wanted done. Never replied to my questions either. I kept it pending as I was curious to see where this is going. He showed up two months later, apologized, asked me to close the order and left a 5 star review.
In that time frame my mind made up quite a few evil plots he could be trying to pull on me, but the reality was plain and simple, he just had other stuff to do and it had nothing to do with me personally.


After deliver the order, it will automatically complete in 3 days. No need to cancel. If the buyer need any changes he can ask for revisions. You lose your time and money brother.


And not lower your score for the two months late?

Thanks for the advice I had not noticed that, I will see it as an experience after all :pensive:

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No, deadline timer only counts for the first delivery, there is no time limit on revisions. It did say very late on the order page, but that doesn’t affect your stats.

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