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Dispute in order


So first of all, this guy from Hong Kong put a mobile order out for me.
I made his order and after three days he replied he didn’t want it, I got scared that if I don’t make it in time he’ll have to pay automatically so I made him a few more logos. The first one he said was too detailed? I put a whole day making it. I admit after that I was in a rush, then he goes ‘what kind of logo is this, have you ever seen everyone use this, you don’t have the skills to do what I said’ Clearly I have designs on my other logo design showing the design I make. He started to be very rude and cancelled it and then I declined? So what happens now, do I just leave it?


If your buyer goes to CS, more than likely CS will cancel the order. Usually CS gives the standard excuse that they cannot force your buyer to accept the order.

That being said, you can continue to decline the cancellation, and possibly get a bad review. You can respond to the review and explain your side of the story.


I’ve just had a dispute against one of my services…a traffic service. Claiming they wasn’t getting traffic yet we provide a live stats link which showed they were getting what they purchased. I refused the refund, they contacted fiverr and they cancelled the order…the proof was right there if they actually checked these things.

So yea, you’ll more than likely get cancelled.

Fiverr seems to be all for protecting the buyers…forget about the sellers.