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Dispute on extend delivery time

Hi all, I have received an order of collecting a list of some details I do as possible but when I delivered order client says she doesn’t want this list she wants to list with more details and emails list however it’s not our agreed discussion but I new so I don’t want to lose my client and order so, therefore, I agree on work more and give him more details and available mail list as possible but on the day of delivery order I told him I can’t deliver again in one hour so I need minimum one day and she agree on this I send the dispute to the client for extending delivery time by one day and after that my delivery time extend I think so but on the next day when I completed work and send again to the client there are two things that I can’t first one order is delivery from last two days but the client is not online from last two day as well and on the dispute is written the client is agree or decline this request within 4 days. but the client still not online and not check my work which I have sent. I can’t understand what is next please if any understand or know please let me know and help me with

this thanks for your time.

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Is the order marked as completed? If yes then you don’t have to worry about it. But if the order is still active and you’re concerned about late delivery, that’s not something to worry about either. As you’ve delivered the order and it won’t be mark as late delivery. Hope this answers your question.

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Well said. Same to me before.

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yes, it’s not in late and also it’s deliverd but waiting to approve from client but client is not online from last two days. what i do in this case.

The order will be marked as completed after three days of your last delivery. So if the client comes back later and needs help about the delivered order, it won’t be any problem to help him out because you don’t know what’s the reason he couldn’t come online and complete the order himself.

Mate you got to please your client. If you are new go some extra length to please your client

Thanks a lot for help

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