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Dispute on fiverr

A customer on fiverr asked me to do a task. I submitted it before time. We had enough time to make improvements.And he put me on revisions. I made all the improvements. He did not came online. After third day of delivery in the last minute he came and put me on revision and told me that he had done the task himself and he did not need me now. Then i asked him why he is putting me on revision again and again and why he did not told me earlier. He said he was unsarisfied now only option he has left is that he can put me on revision or open a dispute . I want to do a dispute but in the resolution center there are no options for me . I also want to attacg some screenshots. I headed towards customer supportt but there are also ordinary options nothing according to my situation. Please suggest something soon before its too late.


Abuse of the revisions button is not allowed - nor are threats. You might point this out politely to your client.

In addition, this clause from the terms of service - stand your ground:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

As long as you have delivered what was described in the order, you deserve to be paid.


Fiverr did nothing instead he cancelled the order and ran away

Unfortunate …but happens all too often right now.

You can contact CS and ask them to take a look. If you stand your ground - and are prepared to be determined - it’s possible you might get some compensation.

Even though CS are overworked at the moment, it’s worth raising a ticket at the first sign of trouble as a placeholder - but that’s for the future …


Agreed. I was compensated because a scammer ended up threatening me to cancel or they would share a 1 star review. They didn’t show any proof that there were issues with the order. I had obviously a copyscape and grammarly plagiarism scan proof to show everything is legit. It did take a while for support to answer, the scammer ended up doing a paypal chargeback… but I was paid back the order amount since customer support saw I was scammed and I had all the proof to back up my claims.


Also my profile has become down because of him . I woke up 3 consecutive days to make him satisfied. In fiverr resolution center their was no category for me to choose for disputes therefore I chosed order cancellation and other and instead fiverr would take a look they thought i wanted to cancel the order and the buyer cancelled and ran away I had also wrote a long comment but fiverr didint helped me

I have contacted customer support lets see what they do I do not belileve customer support because they also did not replied to previous ticket of mine this is so much upsetting a person has cheated me and ran away took advantage of me and now fiverr is not responding.

As I said, if there’s enough proof to show that you did your job properly, it might help.

However, it depends on the category. Not sure what you are selling, for writing it’s easier since you have plagiarism reports. For programming, logo design and stuff, things are more complicated.

But it doesn’t hurt to try

I am an electrical engineer and i did electrical engineering project i do not think it is easier for them to know that I did great work.

If you accepted cancellation fiverr CS probably wont help you , you were suppose to decline cancellation request again and again until you hear from fiverr CS and later you explain everything to them with screenshots and delivery !

what category you were looking for ? All of them would have ended up cancelling your order so no matter what you choose.

fiverr CS talking longer to reply these days you could have wait !

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there was no category to describe my problem I cliecked on order cancellation so that fiverr knows what is my problem and I wrote briefly in the comments but buyer accepted the offer to cancel

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IT was because I could not click on modify the order because he did not wanted the order form me because he said he did his own and I could not even extend the delivery time because he said he did not wanted and put me on revisions again and again so that money did not come to my account

I understand !
When first delivery is on time you do not need to extend time for revisions even if it shows LATE, it would be still considered as timely delivery !

You already completed task as per your conversation and buyer asked for revisions which you did again , so he owes you payment now and you should not send him cancellation request but explain him that you worked as you offered and wait for buyer to respond…

And you are suppose to decline every time if delivery was what you discussed and on time !

But i need to open the dispute I could not do that

And he was putting me on revisions too so i thought i should open a dispute immediately

No you Don’t !
Why you want open dispute ?

Simply just keep declining that , you dont need to open dispute for this…decline and redeliver the order and reach to CS…thats how it was suppose to handled…
I am telling you this because you can save your self from future incidents !

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because he threatened me that he is doing it

If he threatened you you could even report that to CS, I don’t see any threatened message in this but if you think he did you could report that…
And Any order is not qualified to be cancelled based on quality so what he mentioned here is quality issue and here you could have won the case…

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threatened is not a good word . I mean he said he is disputing himself so I thought i should take in part in the dispute too. But its ok I have attached the screenshots in the customer support. Lets see what happens. But i am afraid customer support would say why you yourself canceled the order , i thought i just choose a category i never new that it would symbolize that i want to cancel myself

Yes !
When you accepted cancellation it became mutual and I am afraid fiverr CS wont help you now in this case…

Only if you want to cancel or modify order, Not in case when you want to save your self from unwanted cancellations !