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Dispute Opened but Delivery was accurate

Hi, I want to know something. I recently deliver an order but the customer opened a dispute that the delivery is not what he wanted. It was an hand drawn logo to be vector traced. I traced it and delivered vector files + sources files. And it was even more neat output. After opened dispute, I had to “accept” it and cancel the order because if I would not have accepted the dispute, the customer may have given me “0 rating review”.

The point is that, can someone get the work done and then open a dispute to get back the payment and also with finished work every-time or it just happen rarely?


There are always will be people trying to get work for free like that, especially with new sellers.

Never agree on cancelling orders like that. And you shouldn’t be scared of bad rating, you can always leave your reply under the review and explain that customer tried to get work for free and after they couldn’t they left this review.

But for now you basically gave away your work for free. Even it TOS it’s said that orders can’t be cancelled based on quality or customer satisfaction


The fact that you accepted to cancel knowing that you had delivered quality output makes me wonder if the quality was at all good… Anyway some buyer have made fiverr their place to get free services because they know that most sellers will simply not put up a fight, I would rather get a negative review and keep the money.

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Im new seller here. I just have only 10 reviews. I have to maintain my rating thats why I took that decision. One zero review can block my “buyer requests”

Cancellations will also reduce your buyers request, there is no win in what you did.

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