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Dispute opened The buyer has 1 day to accept or decline now what can i do?

the buyer has 1 day to accept or decline now buyer have no response and the buyer still offline I have created in order for the buyer awesomely but the buyer is new and he give me 4star review with any negotiation with me or requesting for modification I do not understand why he places a 4star review it decrease my business and my profile now I want to change my review can any body please tell me what can i do right now cancel the dispute ??


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I honestly just ignore four star reviews. I’ve only gotten two and both times I just let it go. For me, I just wouldn’t feel right asking a buyer to change their review. Reviews are subjective and I feel that buyers are entitled to their opinion. I think it’s easier to just focus on doing the best job that you can and let it roll off you when something like that happens.

I’m sure that’s a really unpopular opinion, but I’m just throwing my two cents in. I hope the situation works out favorably for you regardless.


yeah exactly you right 4star doesn’t impact but I don’t have more reviews that way 4star review worry about me after delivering perfect and awesome work to the buyer but he still gives me 4star.

jenihiggs thank you so much for the great reply

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It really does stink when that happens. It definitely stings a little to get less than five stars. Hopefully, the next batch of clients that get will appreciate your hard work :slight_smile:

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yeah exactly thank you so much

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