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Dispute order problem


Hello everyone,

A few days back one of my buyer who is a level 2 seller in the same category as of mine sent me an order. I have completed his order according to his requirements. However, now he is saying after two days of project submission that one section of the said project has some issues and he does not have time for a revision. So, he wants his money back.

However, he does not provide clear instructions despite my continued asking, and now when I have completed the project, he said it is not according to what he demanded. He is a seller himself, and he gave his project to me and now just to save the FUNDS he is demanding REFUND.

What should I do now? I want your quality suggestions.



If a section of the project is not what he expected doesn’t give him authority to ask for a refund. He should ask for a reversion.


So should I cancel his dispute?


If you created what he requested you are not obligated to do so.


Perfect dear, I believe I am good enough at my job. So I am not going to refund. I canceled the dispute.


yes decline the dispute and tell the buyer that they are allowed to ask for a revision since the order is already over 90% as they had requested.


Thank you so much dear!