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Dispute process

I have delivered my custom order to my seller and despite being overly patient with additional revisions that I did not have to do he has opened a dispute which I am fuming about. He states that the colours of the render are not what was in the original reference photo. I took the hex number with an eye dropper and bent over backwards to make it match. What he really meant was that he wasn’t happy with the lighting which I tweaked on numerous occasions. He said he would accept the order if I gave him source files which were not part of the order. Out of principle I refused as I put a lot of work in. This has soured my experience with Fiverr as I had just started to use the service and had 100% buyer satisfaction until then. What is the process for judging grievances that Fiverr use? He requested cancellation after the work was completed and delivered

Why don’t you contact the Resolution Center to assist yo? Or Customer Support if things didn’t work out with your buyer. :thinking:

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You do not have to agree to cancel. I would keep choosing to reject his cancellation until he gives up or the takes the matter to CS.


Thanks, I have rejected the cancellation. One lesson for this is to put up my prices as I’ve learnt the customers than go after the cheapest offers are the most problematic


You may have to reject it more than once. Some buyers press the cancel button repeatedly! :scream:

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If you did the job as was described in your gig description, and I mean down to every detail, then you do not have to cancel.

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Almost sounds like this buyer had the intention of blackmailing you for the source files by “acting like” he was not happy with the design. Think logically here: if the client hated what you did so much, why would he want the source files? Well, to USE your design and hard work without paying extra for it!

Unfortunately, there are some seasoned scammers here who prey on new sellers or those who have few reviews thinking they can manipulate them. IF this buyer did try to manipulate or blackmail you for things they did not pay for and they keep rejecting that cancel button, you can escalate this to customer service with your correspondence with them showing how they were more than happy to accept your supposedly bad design only IF you gave the source files for free.



When I say he wasnt happy with what was delivered, it was the colour which I had changed several times to no avail to appease him. He has sent me rude messages telling me to cancel saying my work was poor and even sent a message yesterday saying he had already got someone else to complete the job better, I mean what was the point if only to be vindictive. I havent responded but put a dispute support ticket into Fiverr but judging from previous posts I dont expect any resolution. On one hand I never want to hear from him so have considered cancelling to draw a line under it but on the other I dont see why I should concede especially when Ive put the work in.

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