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Good afternoon,

I don’t really get how ‘disputes’ work. Why would Fiverr allow you to file a dispute before the time limit is up? If they agreed to a 3 day turn around, shouldn’t that have to expire before they offer a dispute? Or at least a delivered item for them to complain about?

Other than not knowing how the platform works, why would someone even enter a dispute only 12 hours after purchasing a gig?

Hello Robert,

I am not sure if you are referring to a "buyer or “seller” in your question.

edit: Okay, going over it again I seem to think you are the seller offering a service and the buyer is opening a dispute to cancel the order, if that is correct, there’s not much you can do! Usually if a client opens a dispute before a delivery is becuase it was a ‘mistake’ order (whatever that means!)

But yes, it’s quite interesting to be allowed to open a dispute before at least One delivery!

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ve seen this happen as a Seller though not to me and here are the crazy steps:

  1. The person buys the gig and agrees to a 3 day turn around.
  2. They open a dispute within 1 hour and say ‘I NEED THIS NOW!’
  3. They COULD have paid extra for ultra fast delivery but seem to be using the dispute to get away without it.

What’re your thoughts for contending with someone who does this kind of thing? Is there any defense against abusive buyers?

Thanks again!!!

Politely remind them that they’ve agreed to the 3-day delivery time and explain that they need to purchase an extra for ultra fast delivery if they want you to prioritise their order. In my experience, if they cancel after you decline (which, again in my experience, they rarely do), they’re doing you a favour.

Thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate the reply very much!