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Dispute will mean late delivery

Hey guys. I am a musician on Fiverr and my buyer has been having internet problems. And yes, before anyone says anything, they actually are but the wifi there comes on for like 5 minutes at a time. Anyway, I have the delivery ready, but they asked me not to deliver just in case they can’t accept or decline and they end up not liking the delivery. The gig is due in 48 hours and I opened a dispute today which takes around 4 days. If they don’t accept or decline the dispute, what happens? Is the timer still on?

Thanks, Mahiee

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Your client does NOT dictate when you can deliver. Absolutely not.

This is abusive behaviour on the part of your buyer. Just deliver the order.


It’s just that I can understand why they don’t want me to deliver and I have sent them the progress of the song step-by-step and to not listen to them now would risk me getting a bad review. I get that they don’t dictate when I order but if the delivery autocompletes then it is my fault. Sure they might have internet problems but they specifically told me not to yet.

If there are any revisions included in your gig, you could deliver on time and offer them an option of requesting a revision. Late revisions don’t affect your stats as far as I know.
Or better yet just let them know that you are ready to provide revisions even after the order is closed. If they can’t accept this proposal, because they don’t trust you, why should you trust them?

I understand that you want to keep your buyer happy and be sympathetic about their problem, but they aren’t being very considerate about your stats being hurt potentially. It’s wrong of them to ask you to do this because of an issue on their side.

You are looking at this completely the wrong way.

Your primary aim should be to protect your seller account. Your buyer is abusing you.

Why? Because if you go along with your buyer’s request, then you risk a late delivery. If you deliver late then this could impact your ability to attract future sales.

A buyer who risks a seller’s reputation is a bad buyer.

So what? Your job is to complete the order and deliver it. Stop making excuses for a bad buyer. It is not “your fault” - but it is your job to deliver the order!

Your job is to recieve the order and complete it on time and to the best of your ability. The rest is extra, you’re risking future sales by doing this.

Just hand in the work, and if they need changes they’ll ask for a revision. Simple.

Thanks guys, this has been helpful. I am delivering it now so wish me luck, I don’t want my first bad review… I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks, Mahiee