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Hi every one, I recived this message from fiver, and I found that a byer how I sold a work, a long time ago and he was happy by the work, has cancled all he’s orders after bying the product and getting he’s work, so what should I do ?!! please help me :confused:

the message from fiver :

Hi salimayed, We have been informed by PayPal that a dispute was opened for your order FO328F1E1F85: make a precise solidworks 3D model. As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. Please note that in some cases disputes are nothing more than temporary holds that PayPal puts on funds to make sure that they were authorized by the buyer. The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it. If the dispute gets resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

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Unfortunately you can’t do anything, really anything.

Fiverr is not going to fight this dispute, so you don’t have any chance to get your money back :frowning:

That buyer will be banned from Fiverr soon… but this is not enough I think.

The only think you could try to do is to write Paypal support, but if your product is intangible you can’t win, sorry :frowning:

Sorry to hear this bad story. Some people are really bad to do these stuffs. If your ratings haven’t affected by this incident, forget it and start working with good buyers again.

Agree with Mark74.

this fiverr is going really not responsible with his security, we have to pay from their mistake. i have minus $200 to paid then fiverr doing nothing. ridiculous

I did get a similar message today for two of the orders that were delivered successfully last month (Aug 8 and 18), so, searched on the forum about it.

Are they going to deduct the amount from my current/future earnings? This is really bad. How can one allowed to cancel the orders after more than one month? I received 5 star ratings for both of these orders. I have also withdrawn the money from PayPal.

Fiverr takes 20% commission from our earnings, which is much more than any other freelancing sites that I know, and still don’t protect the seller. I am really disappointed, and will concentrate getting work from the other reliable sites.

@kjblynx, I have been freelancing for more than 6 years, and only use a few of the reputed freelancing sites. I am a free member on all the sites that offer paid membership, and didn’t face any issues. They have a solid Escrow system, and all my disputes were resolved satisfactorily and in a professional manner. They did give an equal importance to my disputes and support tickets as they would give to their paid members.

If you think 20% is a better deal, than I must say you have not done much research in finding reliable and professional freelance sites.

I do like Fiverr, as they promote your profile if you have good ratings. In this area Fiverr is doing an excellent job than other sites. But, when it comes to seller protection, they are doing the worse job.